“Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.”
Habakkuk 2:2 NIV

God is constantly speaking to us. He didn’t just speak to prophets with strange names in the Bible! God desires to speak to us everyday. The hard part is learning to quiet our busy hearts long enough to hear His still, quiet voice.   Relationship requires two-way conversations, so if I want a great relationship with God, I can’t do all the talking. Spending time silently with God used to seem weird but now I love it! Many of the messages I speak, devotions I write or blogs I post are a direct result, followed by me taking time to write it down!

When you take the time to write it down, you make it plain. It’s explainable. When God encouraged Habakkuk to record the message He gave, He said to put it on tablets. Tablets are permanent. They’re not like paper you can crumple up and throw in the garbage. Tablets are etched on. They are recorded words that can hold you accountable. Tablets can also be shared and keep your message in tact. God desires for you to share what He tells you, so more people can be encouraged, like you were by His Words. In this way, you give God glory and His work is multiplied.

My encouragement today is that you take the time to listen, and then record what God speaks to you.

I love journaling, but there are so many ways to record what God is saying in our day. You can write it on paper, type it on a computer, put a reminder in your phone, make an entry on your calendar to remind you a year from now, paint it, chalk it, sing it, make a video or blog about it! Be creative, like God and the creative you He’s formed you to be! Write it down, make it plain and let it inspire others to run towards Him!


Father…I’m thankful for Your voice. I thank-you that you don’t give me the silent treatment! Please open my ears, so I can hear. Help me to place the proper value to Your Words in scripture and those You speak to my heart. I will be faithful to record what you’ve spoken to me and share it with others as you direct. May Your words flow through me and bring refreshing to others. In Jesus Name…Amen 

Willing to share what God is speaking to you or something He’s said to encourage you in the past?

Write it down in the Comment Section below:

Sherry Stahl