OK, lately life seems a little surreal.   I did another radio interview, I’m speaking at another Women’s Conference, and in a couple weeks I will be joining the faculty of the Write Canada Conference in Guelph, Ontario!  I’m feeling like I need to pinch myself to make sure it’s not a dream!  Strange thing is, it’s becoming just the “new norm” now!  It is such an honour to be a part of all these great events.   I’m doing things I’ve dreamed of for a looooong time!  I just didn’t know what I’d have to go through to get here 🙂  I have always wanted to go to the Write Canada Conference since I felt God drop into my heart that I would write books–just a couple years ago, in my twenties 🙂 If it took any longer you’d have to start calling me Sarah!
This year I get to be a part of the 30th Anniversary Write Canada Conference on June 12-14.  The Key Note speakers are Ted Dekker and Mark Buchanan.   I’m teaching a 3 Hour Continuing Course on “How To Market Your Book For Optimum Exposure”.  For the last couple of days they have been previewing my interview by Fred Ash on the Word Guild‘s website (picture below).  Fred asked about my book, my course, working with my awesome hubby and more importantly, about my personal faith journey.  It’s a good thing to take time and reflect on when you first came to know the love of Christ.  It’s like talking about when you fell in love with your hubby!  I could talk about both of those events forever!!!!!  Recounting them helps you fall in love all over again!
Click on the picture below or the highlighted words to read my interview.
(In case you read this a few days later than when I wrote, mine might not be the first interview on the site.  They’re uploading Conference Speaker’s interviews every few of days.)
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.00.29 PM

Sherry Stahl