A year ago I went to the Word Guild‘s Write Canada Conference to represent Women In Music & Media (http://www.WIMMCANADA.ca). Whenever I get to the end of a Write Canada Conference I feel like my brain is full and can’t take any more. There’s always so many great seminars and last year my favorite was a teleconferenced session with Mary DeMuth. As she sat in her home and shared with us I just felt connected to her and began following her on social media.

A month ago I opened my #EllensPicks mail and was ecstatic to see a package of sparklers and Mary DeMuth’s latest book


how God’s wild love for you makes you worthy

Without having to give you a spoiler alert, Mary says in her conclusion,

“That’s my deepest desire for you as you close the pages of this book. May you look at yourself in the mirror and genuinely smile at who you see—a woman dearly loved by Jesus, one worth sacrificing for, being gentle with.”1

Mary leaves a desire fulfilled because her book WORTH LIVING absolutely helps you to recognize that God loves you and, out of His love flows your worth.

When Mary says,

“No matter how hard it is for you to grasp his love or how many difficult and painful things have happened to you, you are still loved…You may not understand it this side of heaven’s shores, but it’s true nonetheless. God’s love is bedrock. Build your life on it.”2

She’s so right! Even when we don’t ‘get it’, God’s love is still true. Even when we don’t understand it and have troubles accepting it—God loves us. Our ability to know God’s love doesn’t make us more or less loved. We’re just loved. I’m so thankful for Mary’s openness in WORTH LIVING, I can so relate to her brokenness, how God has restored my life and brought me worth. It amazes me how He’s brought the greatest worth out of those very places that brought me shame and hurt. I can see the same in Mary as I read her story throughout the book. She’s a girl whose known great pain, but now knows a greater love. She conveys deep truths in simple ways. Mary’s an authentic voice for the hurting and the healed.

In the book Mary helps you to see the lives you’ve believed about yourself and shows how their false. She leads you to an understanding of the truth of your worth and then includes a truth statement you can hold onto. Mary has added an extra bonus on her website where you can download cards that show the contrasting lie and the truth—and they’re FREE!!! http://www.marydemuth.com

At the end of each chapter Mary included a section for Reflection or Group Discussion with thought-povoking questions that help deepen the truth of God’s love and your worth.

If you’re hurting and struggle to feel the love of our Father, or if you just want to grow deeper in understanding His love then I would greatly recommend reading this book. As you understand:

God’s wild love for you makes you worthy,

it will free you to see, like that package of sparklers Ellen sent,

You were created to shine.

YOU have a life, WORTH LIVING!

worth living quote

worth living

DeMuth, Mary. WORTH LIVING, how God’s wild love for you makes you worthy. (c) 2016 Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, Baker Publishing Group.

To Buy the book:  https://www.marydemuth.com/store/find-healing-joy/worth-living/

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2 Page 39

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