“Whether THE CLOUD stayed
 above the Tabernacle for two days, a month, or a year,
 the people of Israel stayed in camp and did not move on. But
 AS SOON AS it lifted,
 they broke camp and moved on.
 So they camped or traveled 
 at the LORD's command,
 and they did WHATEVER the LORD told them through Moses.”
Numbers 9:22-23 NLT

When I was a kid on the playground the game of Simon Says was the bomb.  Some people called it Follow The Leader, but whatever you called it, I’m sure you played it at school. Acting as ‘Simon’ was an amazing role; you felt like the King or a Queen with everyone moving to your command.

This child’s game became so popular that they made video games out of it.  First came the Simon, next the Simon Air and then my favorite, the Bop It!  In all of these “Simon” type games you have to follow the action performed by the leader…or video programmer.  The longer you play, the faster the actions go and you eventually get tripped up and do something Simon didn’t direct you to do.

is to trick you into doing something that will make you lose.

When my Brandon was growing up I gave him a copy of the newest Guinness Book of World Records every Christmas Eve. The adjudicators for these world records hold that 12,225 people at the Utah Summer Games in June 20071 make the record for the most participants in a game of Simon Says, but I think they’ve got this one wrong!  When I read Numbers 9:15-23 It sounds to me like,

The World’s Biggest Game of Simon Says.

It’s so easy to see the failings of the Israelites in the desert, but this section of scripture reveals how they learned to follow God’s lead.  The Israelites were even better at following their leader than Joel Berger, and in case you don’t know; he’s the guy who holds the record for the longest completed sequence of moves on a Simon game.2

Scripture tells us how God’s people would break camp ‘as soon as’ the cloud lifted or stay, when the pillar of fire remained, never knowing how long they would be there.  It says, “day or night, when the cloud lifted, the people broke camp and moved on.  Whether…two days, a month, or a year”3.  Now that’s trust!  God’s leading will take you to all the right places, He’s not trying to trip you up and watch you lose. God is for you!

When you read this, doesn’t it make you question how strong your faith is?  Maybe it’s time to ask,

Do I trust God enough to follow Him without a game plan?


Father…Thank You for revealing your directions so I can know how to follow You.  I read instructions in Your Word, I hear them when I’m quiet enough to listen to your voice, and sometimes I there’s a pounding in my chest when you want me to move. Please help me to be more sensitive to Your leading.  Give me courage and a gift of faith to follow wherever and whenever you lead. In Jesus Name…Amen

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Drawing From The Well-Blue

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  2. John 10:4
  3. John 8:12
  4. Proverbs 3:5-6

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