Last December, I ran an Advent Series all over on: the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show, through the Soul H2O Devotions, and on Instagram Lives. I focussed on all the aspect of Advent and learned a lot! I didn’t grow up in a tradition that celebrated Advent so, it was super insightful and gave new depth to some of our Christmas traditions and why we do them.

READ ON to learn about the Advent Candle themes of Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, and Christ to put your heart in the right Christmas spirit!


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I didn’t grow up in a church that celebrated Advent. To be honest, my extent of Advent knowledge didn’t go much beyond the chocolate door calendars I bought my children when they were young, until this year. I finally began my search to find out…

309 Right Way To Celebrate Advent

What’s The Right Way To Celebrate Advent?

In my quest to find out what to do, I’ve discovered the true heart of Advent and I think it will forever change the way I celebrate Christmas. But first, I need to let you know that Advent is not Biblical.

There’s not one verse in the Bible that anyone could share with you to validate observing the tradition of Advent. In fact, celebrating Christmas isn’t even Biblical, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good thing, or even a great thing.

Advent is not Biblical, but it is beautiful!

It’s interesting to note that the word advent comes from the Latin word ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’. By 380 AD, Advent was a two-week fast to focus your thoughts on the second coming of Christ, matching the encouragement in 

Titus 2:13,
“waiting for our blessed hope,
the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ”

Advent is to Christmas, what lent is to Easter; a time to prepare your heart and focus on Christ but like most traditions, they change over time. Some good, and some bad changes.


Advent isn’t just about wreaths, candles, caroling, calendars or candy but all those things can be beneficial, if the focus remains on the original intent.

Somewhere between the 16th – 18th Century, evergreen wreaths with candles became a part of the tradition. Both the circle and evergreens symbolize eternal life. Some wreaths have holly and berries, asserting the red represents Christs suffering and sacrifice, while others only use the greenery. All beautiful symbolism, but no set standard of how to create them.

There isn’t even a standardization of the number of candles, colors or themes for Advent. I searched dozens of websites and found variations in themes, but all chose four out of: Hope, Faith, Love, Joy, and Peace. Some also add a fifth candle in the centre on Christmas day to represent Christ.

The most beautiful part of Advent is the intent to focus on three aspects of Christ coming to be with us, sit with us, and save us.

Purposes of Advent

  • 1. Celebrate Past – Incarnation/Nativity – Christ came to earth
  • 2. Appreciate Present – Salvation – Christ inside of Us
  • 3. Anticipate Future – Jesus 2nd Coming – Live with Christ forever

So, if you ask me What’s The Right Way To Celebrate Advent? I’d say it isn’t a hardened set of steps, but a heart that’s filled with gratitude for all Christ has done and is going to do. It’s living in hopeful anticipation of Christ’s return while experiencing the peace and joy He brings through the love we receive at salvation. Celebrating the past, appreciating the present, and anticipating the future!


Father… I’m so thankful for Jesus. That He left heaven to come down to earth is inexplainable to me, but I’m so grateful. Jesus, that you died, so I could be set free from the bondage of my sin is overwhelming and I can’t wait to see you one day and forever live in your presence where I’ll get to experience peace and joy for eternity. Thank you. In Jesus Name…Amen

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Drawing from the well

Verses to help fill up your well.

  1. 1. Titus 2:13
  2. 2. 1 Corinthians 1:7
  3. 3. 1 Thessalonians 1:10
  4. 4. Jude 1:21

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