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Monday’s devotional was titled “God Of The Turnaround”.  The verse was from Jeremiah 29:14
I’ll turn things around for you. I’ll bring you back…you can count on it” MSG
Emily Scott’s life has got to be one of the most incredible turnaround stories ever!  She will be representing the US as a Short Track Skater.   She is a girl who was born with a desire to go to the Olympics.  As a young girl she made the Jr. Olympic gymnastics team but had to quit because her family did not have enough money to keep her in that expensive sport.  Emily’s dad worked from paycheck to paycheck and her mom, a drug addict, spent time in and out of jail.  Emily’s dad says that the first miracle to bring her to the Olympics happened when she was 6 years old.  A man gave her father a free pair of inline skates for Emily.  With much practice she excelled at inline skating.  As an Inline World Champion she hoped that it would become an Olympic sport. Sadly, it never did. Her Olympic dreams appeared to be crushed.
Again, Emily’s dream could not be achieved in the sport she loved.   Not losing hope, she made the difficult and grueling transition to speed skating.  Emily began to excel in speed skating.  She was in training for the Olympics yet again when her world crashed around her again.  Emily lost more than half of her funding.  With her dad struggling to make ends meet, her mom and sister both in jail, Emily had to apply for food stamps to get by.  She was ready to quit and give up on her Olympic dream.  One article in USA Today caused an overflow of support for her both emotionally and financially.  Emily was able to quit her part time job and focus on training!   Emily qualified for the Olympics and will proudly represent the USA this year!   Her perseverance paid off!  What seemed like the end was the event that needed to happen in order to propel Emily into God’s plan for her life!  That desire within her that would never go away can only be from God!
If you ever read this Emily, know that we’re praying for you!  Thanks for sharing your journey to the Olympics so candidly with the world!  You have brought this author great encouragement and hope to NEVER give up on her dreams!  May God bless you as you walk out (or should I say, skate out) the calling He has on your life! 

Sherry Stahl