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Water In The Desert

Water In The Desert

8-12 Week Online Study through Water In The Desert

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Listen to the testimonies of women just like you who’ve learned how to walk through their deserts by going through a study of Water In The Desert.

The Book

Sherry Stahl wrote Water In The Desert during the Sahara desert of her life. Dryer than dry, was the time spent helping her daughter through the deepest, darkest part of depression after she had already overcome the desert of divorce. 

The book doesn’t chronicle Sherry’s life but it does include the Scripture and principles God used to help her to walk through the desert and come out better, stronger, ready to help show others the way!

Sherry can help guide you through her book on a journey soaked Scripture and self-discovery that will lead you to victory. Traveling the desert road, you can reach your destination refreshed and re-hydrated, ready to let those streams of living water flow through you!

What you'll need to succeed!

Water In The Desert Book Sampler
Check out the book & Read One Devo

Having a copy of Sherry’s book, Water In The Desert will help you to get the most out of this study.  It really won’t be as effective if you don’t have one to work through as Study Guide in the back has a lot of resources for you that will be beneficial in learning how to travel through every desert you face.

To Buy The Book, you have options.  You can purchase it anywhere books are sold in paperback or digital formats (like kindle, kobo…)  To order a signed copy, you need to order from our Legacy Works – Eternal Impact online store here


Desert Oasis1. Water For The Weary
Hagar Encounters God In The Desert

Water Parting2. Water Parting
The Israelites walk through the parted waters into the desert

3. Water In The Wandering
The Israelites wander in the desert looking for water.

Water Parting4. Water Crossing
The Israelites crossover into the Promised Land through water.

WATER THAT GROWS GARDENS5. Water That Grows Gardens
Blooming in the desert

TAP6. Living Water
OVERflowing to refresh others

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