Easter is an amazing time!  I love hearing the story of Christ’s resurrection, but Good Friday is a difficult day for me.  It felt like the saddest day of the year yesterday. Normally, family gatherings help to lift my spirits, but in another year of Covid Lockdowns, it was rough.  Listening to the horrors that Jesus had to face on my behalf are almost too much to bear, but…then I turned my focus to Resurrection Sunday… and thought, not even a Covid Lockdown could have kept Jesus in the grave!

Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life.
Anyone who believes in me will live,
even after dying.
Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die.
Do you believe this, Martha?”
John 11:25 NLT (italics & bolding added)

The HOPE of Resurrection Life

 It’s shocking to think that Jesus, the Son of God was resurrected, but to comprehend that you and I can one day experience RESURRECTION LIFE is mind blowing!

This verse in John makes it clear that anyone who believes in Christ will live…after dying! Jesus had to ask Martha if she believed His statement because, it’s just so hard to fathom. 

Christians, we don’t need to fear death because God’s Word promises us WE don’t actually die.

If we don’t need to fear death, then what on earth is worth worrying about? 


This gives us the greatest hope and the greatest confidence.  We live after dying and so do those who believed in Christ before us.  We will one day be with those who have gone on before us.  A blessing that the life-giving power of Christ’s resurrection provides for our RESURRECTION LIFE experience!


Father…God I thank-you that your resurrection power is at work in ME!  It’s overwhelming and wonderful!  Help me to live in a way that exudes resurrection life in all I do!  May it cause others to want what I have— RESURRECTION LIFE in YOU!  In Jesus Name…Amen.

Drawing from the well
  1. John 11:25
  2. Romans 8:11
  3. John 3:16
  4. John 1:4
Sherry Stahl