Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.”

                                                                   Isaiah 12:4 NIV

As I thought about what to write I read Isaiah 12:4 and the last part of the verse hit me. It’s my role to “make known among the nations what God has done”. I “give thanks to the Lord” when I tell the world what God has done for me.

In my life I have seen God do so many miraculous things! In College I experienced my first physical healing. A year later my heart was breaking when my unsaved grandfather was dying of cancer. One night I went to bed praying for his salvation and healing. I felt the Lord ask me to pray for an hour. I didn’t know how I could ever pray that long, but I did. When I felt like it was ok to stop praying I checked the clock and it had been one hour. God chose to extend Grandpa’s life for a year and in that time he made his heart right with God, the week before he passed away! My son has experienced physical healings a few times. Just recently my daughter broke her ankle and it healed in an unexplainable amount of time. My father was healed of paralysis on one side of his body as a young child. I’ve seen people’s lives drastically changed as we prayed togethe: marriages healed, hearts restored and people who’ve been held captive by sin, sickness or depression set free. I could write a book on all the miraculous acts that I’ve witnessed God perform.

Today I’ve taken the opportunity through this blog post to tell the world just a few of the things that God has done. I hope they have encouraged to believe in faith that God can heal, restore, make right, save, mend…or set free! Whatever your need; God can meet it. Whatever need He’s met in the past, share with someone else. Do your part to tell the world what He has done.


Father…Thank You all the great things you’ve done in my life. Help me to remember the miracles of the past, so I can tell the world about them. Let my story bring You glory! In Jesus Name…Amen 

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Sherry Stahl