wedding supper of the lamb

  • My Fletcher Family Get Together {Feasting with Family}

    Then Jesus took the loaves,
    gave thanks to God, and distributed them to the people.
    Afterward he did the same with the fish.
    And they all ate as much as they wanted.~John 6:11 NLT

    feasting with familyAs I write this post, Todd and I are driving home from my Fletcher family get together so, my heart and stomach are stuffed full!

    When I was young, all my family lived within half an hour of each other and we usually ate together at least once a week. If there was a video taping we could’ve been the English version of the family in, My Big Fat Greek Wedding…we were that close and that loud!

    Now we don’t all live in the same area so, we value any time we can coordinate…or should I say, when my cousin Angie coordinates…our get-togethers {insert gratitude for Angie}. When we’re together we laugh a lot and eat ridiculous amounts of food! Most of us are so concerned there won’t be enough food that we bring extra, so our buffet is extensive.

    CheesecakeThe pinnacle of this year’s feast was my cousin Kelly’s chocolate-covered-strawberry-cheesecake-tarts…and they were even better than they sound or than it looks! 


    Just like when Jesus fed the 5000; it can be said of every Fletcher family feast, “they all ate as much as they wanted.”  No one leaves our gatherings hungry…just like no one left Jesus’ dinner parties wanting more.  When I could roll myself away from the table, I helped divvy up the leftovers into take-home containers; just like the disciples collected leftover bread and fish into baskets.

    I can’t think about my family feast and how Jesus loved people eating together without being reminded of another meal I pray we’ll all share together with Him; the wedding feast of the lamb1.  Scripture fills me with hope as I look forward to that day because I love Jesus, I love food, and I love my family!

    [tweetthis]I love Jesus, I love food, and I love my family!…not in that order 🙂 [/tweetthis]


    Thinking about the largest banquet to be held fires me up! I imagine looking across the table asking Moses to pass the pitcher of water and my long-time-passed grandpa to share the buns while King David plays his harp in the background for dinner music. Envisioning this meal builds excitement for heaven in my heart.

    Dream along with me and let your passion for heaven be rekindled. My prayer is that you’ll be left desiring a dinner that doesn’t just fill your belly but satiate to the deepest depths of your spirit and soul.


    Father…I’m so thankful for Your heart to bring Your people together and fill us up.  You’re never stingy…You give out of abundance, the abundance of Your love for me so there’s enough left over to share.  I thank You for those you’ve place in my family and ‘framily’…those who fill up both my heart and soul when we meet. Looking forward to seeing You on that big feast in the sky! Until then, I’ll enjoy these meal reminders you provide.  In Jesus Name…Amen

    [tweetthis]Desire a dinner that doesn’t just fill your belly but satiates to the deepest depths of your spirit and soul.[/tweetthis]

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    Drawing From The Well

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