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  • Why You Can Trust God

    Praying you can trust God more after reading this devotion, especially after you listen to this week’s Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Episode 117 with Karen Ehman, talking about how her life led to the writing of her latest book, Trusting God – In ALL The Things.

    Why You Can Trust God

    Why You Can Trust God

    One Easter, years ago I learned on a whole new level, why you can trust God!

    You see, trusting that people are going to follow through on what they’ve said they would do isn’t always easy. Watching the news can cause you to become hard-hearted and distrustful of people. Life experiences often add fuel to this fire of doubt and soon you find yourself not believing God can be trusted.

    It’s so hard not to attribute the character traits of those in our lives to God.

    Jesus’ Death & Resurrection

    When I read Matthew’s recounting of Jesus death and Resurrection, this week’s verse leapt off the page.

     “He is not here. He is risen, just as he said.” Matthew 28:6 NIV

    Mt 28:6 he is risen just as he said

    “… just as he said”.

    That’s the real reason why we celebrate Easter
    —the reason we can KNOW and TRUST God,
    because He DOES what He says.

    Scripture reminds you that, “God is not a human that He should lie.”1 God is true to His Word! At all costs, the trinity stuck to the salvation plan they’d been telling believers about for generations.  Each had a role to play; a job to complete.  If one didn’t go through with their portion, the plan would fall apart.

    The Father gave His Son.
    Jesus gave His Life.
    The Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead!

    For a long while before the crucifixion, Jesus had been telling His followers how He was going to die and then be raised to life again; but they just couldn’t accept hearing this truth. In their human thinking, death would equal defeat.  They had no grid of understanding to grasp how this loss could produce freedom, but God’s ways are higher than our ways and His wisdom is perfect.

    Don’t let the impact of Christ’s death and resurrection get packed away with the Easter decorations. Allow the knowledge of how God does what He says, free you to trust God on a whole new level.


    Father…I thank You for Your faithfulness. You are true to Your Word! I’m asking You to bring freedom to my life where experiences with people have caused me to doubt.  Remind me of times in my life where You’ve been true to Your Word. Let me stand on that truth and not waver.  I can trust You! In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Karen Ehman is on Episode 117, Why You Can Trust God. This show will help open your heart to trust God – in ALL the things!

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    Originally published: March 26, 2018 

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