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  • You’ve Got to Get Moving – God Knows How To Get You Where You Need To Be Series {Part 2}

    Well, I’m still bubbling over from my summer fill-up at Braeside Camp and so excited to share You’ve Got To Get Moving; the second part of God Knows How to Get You Where You Need To Be Series. I pray it’s everything you need to put some pep in your step.  If not, the #musicpic at the end sure will.  In case you missed it, you can find Part 1of God Knows How to Get You Where You Need To Be {Part 1} and read Why God Doesn’t Give You a 5-Year Plan {Part 3} later.

    Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Joy Radio Original Sherry StahlOh, and today’s a celebration!!!

    It’s the 270th Soul H2O Devotion!!!

    I can hardly believe it, and in one month, Soul H2O Radio will debut through the airwaves!  Yah, you heard that right… Soul H2O Radio 📻 on JOY Radio.CA and it’s going to be a podcast too. It’s the overflow!  So much going on right now.  Life is full and exciting, full of adventure!  I’ll tell you more about the Radio Show next week. Joy Radio - Black Logo

    God Knows How To Get You Where You Need To Be {Part 2} BUT…


    David and his men marched behind them… 
    ~1 Samuel 29:2 BSB

    Motorcycle Friends

    Monday was the Civic holiday here in Canada but in Leamington, it’s now known as the annual Hogs For Hospice motorcycle ride weekend.  If you follow my social media, you already knew this… with all my pictures it was pretty obvious. 😊 We had so much fun! Todd and I love to get out with friends and ride the motorcycle; well technically Todd’s riding, I’m relaxing behind him. I was relaxing so much it’s hard to get moving this morning!

    In last week’s devotion, I talked about how God was able to perfectly position David and the other soldiers in the right place, at just the right time; enabling them to route their enemies and get back all that had been stolen from them.

    I believe God was able to get David where he needed to be so easily because he was already moving. Scripture records how David and his men were marching when they were told to go back to Ziklag.

    They weren’t stationary.  They weren’t sitting at home, by the phone, waiting for God to call them into action. No, they were moving ahead; albeit in the wrong direction, but they were moving.

    It’s comforting to know God holds true to His promise in Isaiah 30:21 to re-direct if you get moving in the wrong direction.

    You will hear a voice behind you saying,
    “This is the way. Follow it, whether it turns to the right or to the left.
    ~Isaiah 30:21 NIV

    He did it for David through a foreign king sending him ‘home’ and for Jonah, God stirred up a storm and sent a big fish to get Jonah where he needed to be. The key is to get moving because,

    It’s easier to steer a moving ship than one sitting in the harbor.

    Quote-It's easier to steer a moving ship Devo 270

    So, shake off the slumber. Wipe the crusties out of the corner of your eyes and get moving.  Fight against the fear of making the wrong move and trust, God knows how to get you where you need to be! Don’t allow anything to keep the ship of your life docked in the harbor.  The adventure is out on the sea!


    Father… I’m so thankful that You are always guiding and directing me. I refuse to let the fear of making wrong moves and falling out of your perfect will freeze my feet.  I commit to get moving and living the adventurous life You’ve destined for me. I’m leaving doubt dock to set sail for the wavy wonderland of Your calling.  In Jesus Name…Amen

    Don’t allow anything to keep the ship of your life docked in the harbor. The adventure is out on the sea! 😊 Click To Tweet

    Facebook Live July 2019In case you haven’t watched this impromptu Facebook Live yet, I’ve linked it below. I recorded this while on a walk in the middle of writing last week’s devotion and getting inspired for writing this week’s. Talking about how God knows how to get you where you need to be… and I was moving for sure!!!

    Drawing From The Well

    Scripture to fill up your well!

    Print Out a Soul H2O Journal Page to get the most of this devotion by writing out the Scriptures or what God reveals to you as you read them. Download HERE.

    1. 1 Samuel 29:2
    2. Isaiah 30:21
    3. Jonah 1:4
    4. James 3:4

    Toby Mac Keep walking#musicpic SONG: MOVE (Keep Walking)
    Makes Me Feel: Like dancing.  Gets me Moving!!!
    Sung By: TobyMac
    Album: This Is Not A Test © 2015
    Written By: Jeff Pardo, Christ Mcclarney, Lindsey Sweat
    Official Youtube Video With Lyrics:
    AZ Lyrics:
    My favorite lines as recorded on AZ Lyrics (link above):

    Move, keep walkin’ soldier keep movin’ on


    1. James 3:4


    Post in the Comment Section below and bolster the faith of someone else!

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  • Toby's SPEAKING LIFE in song

    Whenever I write about something, songs just seem to come into my life that back up the message. This week I’ve heard some great ones that hit home the message from my WORD POWER Devotional on Monday.

    SPEAK LIFE–TOBY MAC toby mac

    Toby Mac’s song “Speak Life” is one of my faves.  Generally, I like most things Toby has put on the market since about 1989 in the DC Talk days!  You can find one of his songs on my itunes playlist at any given time.  This song is no different.  It really shouts the message of Proverbs 18:21 that says,

    “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

    The music video is amazing how it shows the devastating or life-giving effect our words can have on others to bring life or death.  The most impactful line in this song for me is when Toby says:

    We can turn a heart with the words we say.”  1

    The music video brings this line to life.  I love how he ends the video with a quote from a book I now want to read!   

    “In Every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.”
    ~Brennan Manning 2

    Watch the Video, Listen to the Song and Read through the words so Toby Mac can “Speak Life” into your heart today!
    Toby’s Online Music Video for “Speak Life” Link
    AZ Lyrics for “Speak Life”
    Toby Mac’s Website
    toby mac speak life
    1     Mac, Toby.  SPEAK LIFE.  Capitol Chrisitan Music Group ©  2014
    2     Manning, Brennan.  ABBA’S CHILD. The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging. © 2002

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  • Ayiesha Woods

    ayiesha woods

    Ayiesha Woods is a singer I love to listen too.  She was born on Long Island, NY, but moved to Bermuda as a child and then back to the US.  Her music definitely has a Carribean Influence.  It’s very soulful.  So, it’s not surprising that her music was produced by Toby Mac’s music label Gotee Records.  She has two amazing albums.  I have her “Love Like This” CD on my itunes and I LOVE it!  Ayiesha is a beautiful girl on the outside and has such an incredible voice.  One day I would be really, really “Happy” to see her in concert (Pun intended! “Happy” is one of her hit songs).  Ayiesha travelled with the Women of Faith —Revolve Tour for teen girls. 1
    Her music makes my heart soar, especially when I listen to her song, “Love Like This”!  The line “Lord, I’ve never known love like this before” just gets me.  This picture seems to sum up what I think of when I hear this song.
    child-hand-absolute dependence

    So, do yourself a favor and click on the picture of her CD cover below to hear her song…so you know what CD to buy next 🙂

    ayiesha woods cd cover

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