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  • Twas The Night Before Christmas… {Sherry’s Sermon Notes Series}

    Twas The Night Before ChristmasI can’t believe that there’s only six days until The Night Before Christmas!!!

    I hope that didn’t make you panic 🙂  Remember, it’s not about the presents!

    It’s been an amazing journey this year and I’m so thankful for all the connections I’ve had with you! Hearing how God is using the blog to speak into your life, encourage and refresh you has been incredible to hear. I hope you keep commenting on the blog, social media or emailing me!

    Next Monday is Christmas and I’m preparing a special video for you.  I know you might not have time to view it then, but I hope you do sometime during the next week. For now, here’s the last post in my Sherry’s Sermon Notes Series.  

    This week’s notes were from today’s sermon by Pastor Michael Bessette from my church, Lakepoint Family Church in little ole Leamington, Ontario.  Friends and I were talking after church about how crazy blessed we are to have such amazing pastors at our church.
    You would never know from our building, to our programs, from the music to the preaching that you were in a small town.  Lakepoint is really high-tech, top-notch, growing church and yet has the most welcoming of atmospheres.  Just last week Geoff Moore; Recording Artist said how he’s travelled to thousands of churches in his long career and appreciated how welcoming our church was.  This Sunday’s preaching by Pastor Michael was such an awesome message that I’m glad I get to share with you!  So, here it goes…

    TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS… {Sherry’s Sermon Notes Series}

    This Sunday’s service is always one of my favorite Sundays in the year; the Children’s Sunday School Concert.  I don’t even have kids in the program and I love it because they’re just too cute!  

    After the play, Pastor Michael had us all laughing by telling a funny little story about trying not to catch a ‘man-cold’ from his son Levi.  When he switched from sharing this cute, but disgustingly gross story about his son’s cold to sharing how his father has battled MS for over a decade, Michael made the segway into his sermon with this statement:

    “Unfortunately sickness & suffering is a reality of this world.”


    Michael connected us to the people in the Christmas story by comparing what the people were feeling in three different cities on the night before that first Christmas to how closely we experience the same today.  He shared how so many people allowed these feelings or mindsets caused them to miss seeing that their saviour, the messiah had come so we wouldn’t miss His return.

    “Much like they were waiting for a Messiah 2000 years ago…
    Once again we are waiting for Jesus to come.
    We celebrate His birth this Christmas,
    but we’re also anticipating His return.”

    Sermon Notes Pastor MichaelI’m going to give you the briefest review of his points that will help you see how alike you are to the people who were around when Jesus was born.

    1. Twas the night before ChristmasIn Rome…The People Were:

    Self-Sufficient & Self-Consumed.  

    Rome had everything; a strong leadership with Caesar Augustus, strong economy so they could take care of their own needs.  People lived to fulfill their selfish desires in every area.  Rome ruled the world so they weren’t aware of the coming saviour.

    People in Rome missed Jesus because they weren’t looking for Him.

    Luke 2:1-7

    “The Romans missed when Jesus showed up
    on that first Christmas night… 
    it’d be a real shame
    if we settle for living our lives
    unaware of his return.”

    2.  Twas the night before Christmas In Jerusalem…The People Were:


    The Jewish people had been waiting so long for God’s promised Messiah that they gave up hoping any more.

    People in Jerusalem missed Jesus because they gave up looking for Him.

    “We may lose faith, but He is always faithful. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to be that you have to walk through what you’re walking through… I don’t know how much longer it’ll be until His final return… but I do know our rescuer is on the way. The date is circled on God’s calendar. We may not know when it will be, but He does. Jesus came, and Jesus will come again.”

    BUT…at least two people In Jerusalem didn’t give up hope! Because Simeon and Anna kept believing, they saw the fulfillment of the promise in the Messiah’s birth.  Simeon and Anna didn’t miss Jesus.

    You can read more about Anna’s Story: HERE

    Luke 2:25-38

    3.  Twas the night before Christmas…In Bethlehem…The People Were:


    People were scrambling around to clean their homes and prepare them for visiting relatives or travelling to their hometowns.

    People in Bethlehem missed Jesus because they were too busy.

    Only the Shepherds had enough margin in their schedule to hear from God and followed to find the Christ-child that first Christmas night.  These men who took the time to gaze up into the stars didn’t miss Jesus.

    Luke 2:8-18

    “I wonder how many of us have become so busy with unimportant things,
    that we’re in danger of missing the essential thing?”

    ~Pastor Michael Bessette

    “The harder it is for you to slow down and make time to encounter Jesus,
    the more desperately you need to do just that.”
    ~Pastor Kyle Idleman

    “The first time Jesus came, a bunch of people missed it because they had given up hope, were unaware or simply too busy to notice.

    Don’t let that be the case for you when he comes again.

    And when he does return, it will be different. Because the first time He came, He came in weakness; when He comes again, He will come in strength. The first time He came, He came as a servant; when He comes again, He will come as a ruler. The first time He came, He came as a baby in a manger; when He comes again, He will come as a mighty king. The first time He came, Jesus came to die; but when He comes again, the dead will rise back to life. The first time Jesus came, He came as a lamb; when He comes again He’ll come as a lion. The first time Jesus came, the world barely noticed; but when He comes again — every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.”

    ~Pastor Michael Bessette

    It’s my prayer that you take time this Christmas season to be aware of God’s presence…place your hope confidently in God’s promises and Christ’s return…slowing down your pace enough, so your heart can hear His voice.


    Father…I thank-you for this reminder to open my eyes so I can see Jesus.  I don’t want to live independent of you Jesus; thinking I can take care of myself.  I know I need you!  Let my heart be filled with hope and long for You, my soon coming King!  In Jesus Name…Amen.

    Drawing From The Well

    1. Luke 2:1-7
    2. Luke 2:8-18
    3. Luke 2:25-38

    Watch: A Kids Christmas – Dec 17 2017
    – Michael Bessette
    {Sermon Starts at 35:26}

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  • Those Defining Relationship Moments {Sherry’s Sermon Notes Series}

    “Because you are his sons, 
    God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts,
    the Spirit who calls out, "Abba, Father."
    Galatians 4:6  NIV

    Can you think back to one of your defining relationship moments?  You know what I’m talking about…those events that change your connection forever?  Well, I’ve had my fair share.  I remember, with my heart getting this fluttery feeling, the moment Todd said his vows to me before Pastor John.  I still get this excited feeling as I write!

    Wedding Vows
    Todd’s Actual Wedding Vow Card from 2012

    From that day forward our bond was set and my life has never been the same! Todd was no longer my boyfriend…not even my fiancé, he was my HUSBAND!  

    Today’s Soul H2O devotion in the Sherry’s Sermon Notes Series tells about another one of those defining relationship moments that truly changed e-ve-ry-thing!

    Our church held a worship and prayer night; we call them Encounter Nights and boy was I encountered by a truth I hadn’t fully grasped…to be honest, I’m not sure I have yet.  Before we broke into prayer groups Pastor Nathan felt to highlight and do a little teaching on Galatians 4:6.   

    “And because we are his children,
    God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts,
    prompting us to call out, "Abba, Father.""
    Galatians 4:6  NLT

    Before Jesus, the people of God were afraid to say the name of God; they considered it blasphemy to do so.  In order to get around this they came up with calling God YHWH.1

    Their relationship with the father was distant and fearful, but by receiving Christ a defining relationship moment occurs and they are to call Him Abba Father; the aramaic equivalent of “daddy” or “papa”.2  How intimate, how loving, how kind.

    This change is mind blowing!

    God’s people went from living under old testament law, to grace and freedom in Christ…from being slaves to sons who inherit all The Father has…rules were replaced with relationship and legalism superseded by love.  

    The relationship changes were epic and still hold true today!  Years ago when I started to understand this concept I began addressing God as “Daddy”.  It’s changed my prayer-life drastically and helped me to remember whose I am. 

    When you receive Christ and what He did for you on the cross, it brings about one of those defining relationship moments with the Father for YOU! He becomes your Daddy and replaces e-ve-ry-thing with His love.  I challenge you to live today grasping the wonder of your relationship with Him.


    Father…I thank You for sending Jesus into this world so my relationship with you could be changed for the better.  Help me to accept my position with You. I’m part of Your family, a joint heir with Your son because I hold the position of a son; the legal heir in Your heart. Let me fully grasp how you are my Daddy and not let that be tainted by any past human failings from the men in my life…because…You, are a loving, kind and faithful father.  In Jesus Name…Amen

    [tweetthis]Before Jesus, the people of God were afraid to say the name of God; now we call Him Daddy![/tweetthis]

    If you liked the refreshing in this #SoulH2O devotion, you’ll love my latest Soul H2O Devotional book: 40 Thirst Quenching Devotions for Women.

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    Drawing From The Well - Brown and Blue

    1. Galatians 4:6
    2. Mark 14:36
    3. Romans 8:15-16
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