Romans 4:18

  • Against All Hope

    Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”
                                                     Romans 4:18    NIV

    Have you ever gotten frustrated watching a love story?  The movie starts out with a couple falling hopelessly in love.  They’re perfect for each other…and then everything starts to fall apart.  It looks like they’re never going to end up together and you start to get upset, maybe even worried…but then you remember, it’s a movie and you know it will all work out.  I know the normal plot process for any story, yet I can be caught up in the drama.  It always starts with Character Introduction, then moves into a Crisis Situation where the suspense builds and builds until the Climax where you think it’s never going to work out.  There’s just too many issues and it seems there’s not hope, but alas it’s a movie and against all hope the Conclusion ends with everything working out.

    I think we get this familiar plot process from the Bible.  The life of Abraham and Sarah sure follow the format.  We’re told that the fatherless Abe was to become the father of many nations, but his wife couldn’t have kids.  They kept trying to make God’s promise happen and every choice seemed to make the dream more impossible.  God waited till Sarah was passed menopause; when it was no longer possible in the physical realm to fulfill the promise He made to Abraham to have a child.  Scripture records that against all hope Abraham believed in the promise. And that’s when the promise was fulfilled.

    So, if everything is going wrong, your resources are almost depleted and hope doesn’t make sense at all; know your miracle is just around the corner.

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    Father…Thank-You for Your promises.  Help me to not lose hope when the drama of my life is screaming that You won’t pull through.  Please give me the gift of faith to believe in what you say, to believe in You and Your Word, against all hope!  In Jesus Name…Amen  


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    Have you ever had “against all hope” faith?

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