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  • God Still Answers Our Prayers

    Hey Everyone!  Sorry I missed sending out my Soul H2O devotion last week, but my mom took my sister and me on an unplanned trip to NYC!!!  We’ve never done anything like that.  I had the time of my life!   I was glad to hear so many of you missed the devotion and hope this week is a double portion of refreshing to make up for last week’s miss 🙂


    God Still Answers Our Prayers

    Every year, Braeside Camp runs a Labour Day Weekend camp. It’s such an amazing time of the year.  The air is fresh and crisp; not so hot like at family camp in July.  There’s just an ease around Braeside as the long holiday season winds down.  This one last summer fling is such a treat.  But, last year the joy was almost stolen at the Board Meeting on the Thursday before the weekend began.

    The Need For A Miracle Revealed

    During the meeting, we learned the insurance company wasn’t going to pay for the full price to re-shingle the tabernacle roof.  The quote to finish was about 100 thousand dollars… and that was $100,000.00 we didn’t have.  The next day as I led pre-service prayer, I had planned that we would pray and ask God to bring in the funds. What I didn’t plan for was how overwhelmed I felt as we started praying, but this was the beginning of my lesson in how

    God Still Answers Our Prayers!

    As the group assembled, I began looking around the platform.  I’d never noticed it before, but the leaks in the roof had left water stains running down the center column of the Tabernacle where the cross is displayed.

    God’s House In Ruins

    It was as if I could hear God charging the Israelites in Ezra’s time when he said to the people, “Why are you living in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins?”1 You see, we were just like them.  There was no way any of us would have ever let our houses get as bad as we’d let our chapel get.  The carpet was frayed; worn threadbare in so many places with more gum stuck in it than a 2nd-grade desk.

    A Burden For The Overwhelming Need

    I began weeping over our negligence and when I shared with the group what I was feeling, they too began to get emotional.  We repented and asked God to forgive us for neglecting to care for His house, and then we asked Him to provide money to finish the roof, get new carpet and fix the water-stained center.  It all seemed like an unreachable goal, but we asked in faith believing that God could do it… well, weakly hoped for actually, but God did it all with our mustard seed of faith!

    God Still Answers Our Prayers

    Braeside Tabernacle MiracleA few weeks ago, about 9 months later than the last camp meeting, my friends, Mark and Andrea Giancola who run the camp, told me how someone donated over $100,000.00 for the roof!  They were excited because God had shown them favor with the contractors so there was money left over to fix up the sanctuary and put in new carpet and the center of the church is getting repainted in a week!  When I told them about pre-service prayer on Labour Day weekend we all thanked God for providing in miraculous ways.

    Can you tell I’m a little excited 🙂  We even got a new riser to preach from.  #futuregoal

    God’s Word that we’re focussing on this week in Matthew still holds true today.

    “I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” ~Matthew 18:19-20 NLT

    Matthew 18_19-20

    No matter how big or small our request may be.  When people get together and pray; God releases His power… His provision… and His presence.

    In a few weeks, the summer camp season will begin again. People will drive in and see how great the Tabernacle looks with a newly shingled roof.  They’ll walk through the doors when a whiff of that new carpet smell will awaken their senses as their eyes see a freshly painted tabernacle, that didn’t leak this winter!  Everyone will be amazed when they hear how God miraculously provided the funds we prayed for.

    I’m asking God to increase our faith so we all believe for even greater things than shingles, carpet, and paint.  This year I’m going to join with some friends to pray and ask God for miraculous times at camp where He releases His power… His provision… and His presence!


    Father…I’m so thankful that You Don’t Change.  I’m thankful that you still forgive me when I get my priorities mixed up and forget about You and Your house.  Help me to not become overwhelmed with the needs around me but to have confidence in Your goodness.  I ask for a release of Your power, Your provision and Your presence in my life!  In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Drawing from the well

    1. Matthew 18:19-20
    2. Jeremiah 29:12
    3. 1 John 5:14
    4. Mark 11:24


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