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  • Washing Machine Clean


    “Cleanse me with hyssop,
    and I will be clean;
    wash me,
    and I will be whiter than snow.”
    ~Psalm 51:7 NIV


    I love my washer and dryer!!!

    I know, I’m kinda weird getting excited over appliances, but if you’ve ever had not-so-good ones and then you’ve gotten knew ones that make everything washing machine clean; you totally get my exhilaration.  When we moved in May, we included the owner’s shiny new washer and dryer into the offer to purchase, and she accepted!

    This weekend we really got to test those appliances with all the kids home for Thanksgiving.  In preparing the house, I used the Steam mop to clean the floors.  The mop gets really dirty from the sand in our area so, it has to go on the ‘Sanitize’ Setting taking two hours and 17 minutes!  Freshening up sheets on the quick wash setting only takes 26 minutes.  Towels were washed in abundance, taking 44 minutes a cycle.

    Today at church I was talking with a dear friend.  She’s going through a really hard time, having to deal with past hurts that have cropped back up in her life causing a whole new set of issues. She expressed frustration over needing to get help again, so I shared with her how God’s been taking me through a time of deeper healing from some of the pains in my past.

    The amount of hurt or dirt in your life
    will determine how long you need to
    stay in the ‘wash’.

    Sometimes you need an extra cycle before you can come out
    washing machine clean!Psalm 51:7

    In this verse,
    David understands what it’s like to deal with the issues of his past. Once again, David is asking God to clean him up and he’s not talking about dirt on his face.


    It’s interesting to me how David asks the Father to cleanse him with hyssop. Since I’m not a gardener I had to look it up.  Hyssop is often called the ‘holy herb’, and in Bible-times it was used for “cleaning holy places.”1  Because of it’s wonderful aroma; hyssop cleans and refreshes, leaving you whiter than snow.

    Just like my fancy appliances that chime out a song when the cycle’s done, God knows the right setting to wash us clean.  Trust God with your timing.


    Father…I thank You for loving me just like I am, but caring enough to not leave me this way!  Help me to ‘stay in the cycle’ long enough to be washed clean; free from the dirt and hurt in my life.  I’m crying out like David did…please, make my heart, washing machine clean.  In Jesus Name…Amen

    [tweetthis]The amount of hurt or dirt in UR life will determine how long U need 2 stay in the wash[/tweetthis]

    ***If you want an interesting Bible Study,look up all
    ‘Drawing From The Well’
    verses this week on times Hyssop
    is mentioned in Scripture.
    I think you’ll be amazed!
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    1. Psalms 51:7
    2. Leviticus 14:1-6, 49-53
    3. Exodus 12:22
    4. John 19:28-30

    For an interesting read on Hyssop, Check out this Word Nerd Wednesday post on Hyssop!

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  • Old Faded Photographs

    “You’ll forget your troubles; they’ll be like old, faded photographs.”

    Job 11:16 The Message

    ‘Victorious’ was the theme for the women’s conference in Trail, BC where I spoke this weekend.  As I gave messages on breaking free I shared parts of my testimony and how God moved me through the process to freedom from complete brokenness after divorce to healing, resulting in a renewed purpose.


    old faded photographsIt almost seemed strange sharing stories from my past.  God has done so much to heal my heart that my memories are like old, faded photographs.  The pictures are there in my mind, but the emotions are so far removed.  I’m truly FREE!

    Have you ever heard the saying, ‘With friends like that who needs enemies’? Well, Job could relate to this expression because he had a few of those ‘frenemies’.  Job’s buddy Zophar told him how all his problems would go away if he turned to God and if got rid of the sin in his life.  Zophar said to Job that if he could attain a guiltless state then God would work on his behalf causing him to forget his troubles; assuring they’d be like, “old, faded photographs.” 

    Sadly, this false teaching is still seeking to deceive God’s people today.

    [tweetthis] If our freedom relied on our goodness, none of us would be free.[/tweetthis]

    Thankfully Job didn’t accept what his friend said but he did get to the point where he could forget his troubles because God restored everything he lost.


    faded photographs of girlGod wants to restore you.  His desire is to heal your heart so the sting attached to your memories is removed and His purposes can be realized in your life.  Choose today to let God bring you into a greater freedom as you release to Him the hurts of your past.


    Father…I’m so thankful that You’re in the restoration business because my heart needs some restoring.  Help me to trust you with my hurts so I can experience the same kind of transformation Job did when you took his memories and made them like old, faded photographs.  Remove the pain from my past and let your purpose rise up in me!  In Jesus Name…Amen

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