• Why I’m Always Overwhelmed on Good Friday

    Overwhelmed on Good FridayGood Friday

    Today is the most important day of the year for me.

    I always feel a little overwhelmed thinking about WHY we celebrate Good Friday.

    Christmas is fun with lots of presents, thinking about baby Jesus in the manger. In two days we’ll celebrate Jesus triumph over death, His resurrection. But today…today we celebrate his death…His willing sacrifice…His life for yours and for mine.

    It overwhelms me. Why would a perfect sinless man gave his life for mine…for yours?

    Why do we call it GOOD Friday, because it was anything good in the natural. In the natural, it brought pain, humiliation, and death. But in the spirit it brought life…Eternal life.

    The reason I can be so confident in my salvation, in the hope of heaven is because of GOOD Friday…because Jesus died on the cross. His death on the cross paid for every mistake I’ve made AND every mistake I will make. My debt has been paid. My God loves me and you so much that as The Father…was willing to let His son leave home. Jesus…the son, was willing to die, and the same spirit that lives in me and any believer…the Holy Spirit…raised Jesus from the dead.

    It overwhelms me.

    As you go about today: visiting family, taking it easy or painting eggs with children, may the reality of what Jesus did for you, awaken something inside of you.  Jesus died to give you life…and life more abundantly!

    So, for this Easter season choose to live overwhelmed by God’s grace for you!

    Hope you have an overwhelmingly blessed Easter!

    Much love,

    ~Sherry Stahl

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