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  • Ever Found Yourself Arguing With God?

    "Do you still want to argue with the Almighty?
    You are God's critic,
    but do you have the answers?"
    Job 40:2

    Ever Found Yourself ArguingHave you ever had a teenager living in your house?  It’s a strange phase in the cycle of life. Throughout childhood my kids adored me.  They asked question after question and listened to my words as if I had the answers to every question under the sky.  My kids were never satisfied to just know ‘HOW’ or ‘WHAT’.  They’re like their momma and had to know ‘WHY’; especially my Brandon!

    Overnight my kids became teenagers, and suddenly they had answers for everything.  They no longer wanted to ask me for anything but money and discussions too often turned into arguments.

    Now as young adults, my ‘kids’ call or text me with lots of questions. They’re back asking for advice in the areas of life, love, finances and more. I’ve even had some, “I’m sorry I didn’t listen mom” conversations. My kids have changed from my doting darlings, to my biggest critics and now are some of my loudest cheerleaders.  Encouraging me to write, speak and make a difference in this world!

    I think we follow this same life cycle with God.

    In Luke 18:16, Jesus said,

    "Let the children come to me.
    Don't stop them!
    For the Kingdom of God belongs to those
    who are like these children.”

    Why does Jesus say this? I think it’s because children come in trust believing their parents can do anything.  When Job was going through his time of testing he starts out with child-like faith in God but then digresses to a position of “God’s critic”. Job questions God at every level.  Our loving heavenly Father allows Job to fire out these questions.  His quandaries on why he’s suffering.  Once God feels Job’s gotten it all off his chest, God has a few questions of His own. God essentially asked Job these three questions:

    1. Who created the earth and everything in it?
    2. Who controls the functions of the earth, the: tides, weather, light and darkness?
    3. Who created and cares for the animals and birds; creating within them life patterns and placing a destiny inside of them?

    The answer to every question is God.

    After Job quieted his questions and listened to God’s answers he changed from “God’s critic” to singing God’s praises!  In chapter 42, Job begins to brag on how good God is when he says, “I know that you can do anything”.

    Have You Ever Found Yourself Arguing With God?

    In the same way your teenager can go from your biggest critic to your fondest fan, so we need to change. Learn to lay down your criticism and fear to see that the God who created everything is the ONE who keeps it all together and holds you in His hands.


    Father…I’m sorry for the times I’ve come at you with an argument prepared, telling you what I think and how You should do things.  Help me to come with child-like faith, trusting in you as I pray.  May my heart and words express Your goodness for all the world to know; including me.  God You are good.  In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Writing this devotion made me think of a quote I read years ago and my Facebook friends Andrea and Lisa helped me find it again.  Thanks Girls <3   I think you’ll all enjoy it!

    When I was 10

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    Drawing From The Well

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