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  • Just Because You Fail, Doesn’t Mean You’re A Failure

    Forgetting what lies behind and
    straining forward to what lies ahead,
    I press on toward the goal for the prize 
    of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
    Philippians 3:13-14 ESV

    Just Because You FailMY RECENT FAILURES

    Getting out with a group of girls is always fun!

    So, when my friend Ellen Graf-Martin invited me to attend her Fierce Hearted Retreat with Holley Gerth, I was all in!  Well, at least until Ellen let us know the Friday night fun was painting pottery. Hearing the plan made me want to back out because it was artistic and well, let’s just say I’m not artistically talented {complete understatement}. As you can see in the pictures, my pottery painting was a total fail and this past season has given me lots of reasons to feel like a failure.

    Beyond painting an ugly mug, I made the worst anniversary dinner AND dessert in human history… not the meal I had hoped would express my endearing love for Todd. Then there’s the canceled missions trip to Guatemala that was supposed to take flight in March.  To say there were days when I felt like a failure is another {complete understatement}. I’ve had to keep reminding myself…

    Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

    Phil 3.13Knowing Paul wrote Philippians from a jail cell puts his words into perspective.  Paul could have been like most of us and started bemoaning the choices made that landed him in prison, but he didn’t.

    Instead of allowing his incarceration to be a reason for sinking into defeat or entering into a blaming tirade, Paul takes his focus off of this seeming ‘failure’ onto the goal ahead of him.  Gaze fixed on the prize for fulfilling the upward call of God.

    WOW! That’s really hard to do.

    label of failure


    Rejecting the label of failure and choosing to look towards future success, will make you prosper. 



    In his book Failing Forward, John C. Maxwell rightly says,

    “There is no achievement without failure.To even imply that it might be possible gives people the wrong impression.”1

    Failing Forward

    Maxwell’s whole book is dedicated to helping people train for failure as he cites people’s stories who have found success through repeated failures, great examples of how to fail forward.

    My advice to you today is, don’t let failure derail you from the upward call of God on your life.  We all fail.  The question is, will you be like Micah and announce to the world: “though I fall, yet I will rise”?2

    Remember, Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you’re a failure.


    Father… I thank you that failure is not final.  I don’t have to live in fear of failure because You encourage me in Your Word that when I fall, You’ll help me get back up.  Let me walk with confidence towards the exciting plans You have for my life and learn to fail forward, not letting the enemy or anyone label me a failure.  In You, I am more than an overcomer! In Jesus Name…Amen

    There’s so much more that God’s put on my heart about Failing Forward that I can’t fit into this little Soul H2O devotion.  I’m also going to be giving away a copy of Holley Gerth’s book fierce hearted to a lucky winner!

    Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you’re a #failure.

    Rejecting the label of failure and choosing to look towards future success, will make you prosper.

    Soul H2O bookIf you liked the refreshing in this #SoulH2O devotion, you’ll love my latest Soul H2O Devotional book: 40 Thirst Quenching Devotions for Women.

    Post in the Comment Section below and bolster the faith of someone else!

    Drawing from the well

    1. Philippians 3:13-14
    2. Micah 7:8
    3. Ps 40:2-3
    4. Proverbs 24:16


    1. Maxwell, John. Failing Forward, © 2000 Nelson Books: Nashville, TN pg. 7
    2. Micah 7:8 

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  • John C. Maxwell And God Want You To Be A Talent-Plus Person

    “Do not neglect your gift,
    which was given you through prophecy
    when the body of elders laid their hands on you."
    1 Timothy 4:14 NIV

    Recently I made a decision that has the potential to change my life in dramatic ways. It’s not easy for me to choose to do things for myself but years ago my friend Staci helped me to get better at that and I’m forever grateful to her! Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my working life and decided I really don’t want to work in finance anymore. I want to pursue the giftings God has placed in me, so after much deliberation, prayer and consultation, I registered myself for the John Maxwell Speaker and Life Coach Certification Course because I want to become a Talent-Plus person!

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    John Maxwell Wants You To Be A Talent-Plus Person

    John C. Maxwell

    Talent PlusI’ve been greatly influenced by the writings of John C. Maxwell. I see the principles in his books all throughout scripture. The teachings in John’s book, Talent Is Never Enough1 emphasize the truth of today’s verse, 1 Timothy 4:14.  Paul taught us through his writings that we all have been given gifts from God to be used for the benefit of the body.

    In the scripture above, Paul is encouraging Tim, the young minister to not neglect his gift, and in Paul’s second letter to his young protégé, Paul encourages Tim to “stir up the gift” or “fan it into flame” (2 Timothy 1:6 NIV/ KJV).   Paul is encouraging Timothy to become a Talent-Plus person.

    God Desires For You To Be A Talent-Plus Person

    And, it’s not just John C. Maxwell, God desires for you to be a Talent-Plus person. John’s book suggests you need to have talent plus: belief in yourself, passion, initiative, focus, preparation, practice, perseverance, courage, teachability, character, right relationships, responsibility, and a team to be successful.

    Take a good look at your life and don’t neglect your gift!  ‘Stir it up’ by taking the time to develop the gift God has given you, for His glory.


    Father…I thank-you for the gifts and talents you have placed in my life. In my eyes, they seem so small and insignificant. Help me to see their purpose in Your plan so I understand their value. Show me how I should be working to develop the gifts You’ve given me. In Jesus Name…Amen

    Talent Plus

    #Dare2Share Post in the Comment Section below and let me know what you’ve done to become a Talent-Plus person or what you’re going to do…

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    I DID IT!

    If you’re interested in finding out more about the John Maxwell Team or the Online Leadership University I’m a part of, just email me from my Contact Page, I’d love to tell you how much it’s benefitted me.

    John Maxwell

    1 Maxwell, John C. Talent Is Never Enough © (P) 2007 Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, TN Abridged Audiobook

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  • Mentored to Lead by John C. Maxwell

    John MaxwellWOW!  I’m just re-reading this post and blown away at how many dreams I’ve chased down in the past 7 years!!!
    Since writing this post in 2014, I joined the John Maxwell Team of Speakers, Trainers and Coaches in 2016.  I even got to meet John Maxwell and talk to him for a few brief moments {pinch me… is this real}.  I hope reading this inspires you to chase after your dreams.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the John Maxwell Team or the Online Leadership University I’m a part of, just email me from my Contact Page, I’d love to tell you how much it’s benefitted me.


    Sisters Lori & I
    The first pictures mom had done of Lori & I. Sadly most of our childhood photos, taken in clothes made by mom, have water damage from a basement flood. Lori was seriously the cutest baby!

    The birth of my little sister Lori changed my life 🙂
    At the age of two, with the event of Lori’s birth,  I became a leader and I’ve taken my role seriously.
    You can read about that in my #soulh2o blog post on Leadership Leads…Good or Bad for more on that story but let’s just say that I didn’t just become a bossy big sister for nothing! Ha!
    By my teenage years, I was involved in leadership positions at church and in school.  During my years at College: I was was a TV Show Co-host, ran a field ministry team, led a missions trip, was a youth pastor n two towns, preached at a small-town church, was the third-year class president… Seriously, the list goes on and on.  I recognized from a young age that God made me a leader and saw repeatedly how He strategically placed me in leadership roles.  As this understanding and finally accepting of his calling grew, I desired to be the best leader I could be… wherever I served.


    I’ve read so many books, magazines, and articles on leadership.  The Bible is a huge resource for leadership training.  Following Jesus model for servant-leadership is the biggest lesson to learn from the Bible.  I’ve learned to lead with the mentorship of John Maxwell–even though we’ve never met!  I’ve read a bunch of his books, listened to more on CD and through Audible or Scribd.  I love watching his videos and have been blessed to attend events where he’s been the keynote speaker.

    John C. Maxwell book Laws of GrowthEvery time I read a book by John C. Maxwell it takes me forever to get through it!
    There’s so much helpful information
    that most pages are covered with highlights and notes in the margin!

    I’ve begun something that has kind of built into a tradition.  I tend to buy a John C. Maxwell book on leadership at Airport stores and read the book on my vacation or speaking event.   Todd and I both love reading and always bring books on holidays.  Todd feels like he’s reading two books each vacation because I’m not really good at keeping things to myself when I learn something new or if something inspires me…  I’m compelled to share the treasures I find!
    This became really clear to me as I began to write this post.   I went to my bookcase to find what books I have of John Maxwell’s and could only find two books and 2 Books on CD.  I can’t keep his stuff because as soon as I read it I want to share it and sometimes when you share a book, you never get it back 🙂  I just hope the recipients pass them along too!
    Right now my John C. Maxwell Stock Consists of:

    • Talent Is Never Enough
      Discover The Choices That Will Take You Beyond Your Talent
    • 25 Ways To Win With People
      How To Make Others Feel Like A Million Bucks
    • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
      LIVE THEM and Reach Your Potential

    …and my most recent purchase at the Choice Books in the Detroit Metro Airport :

    • How Successful People Lead
                 Taking Your Influence To The Next Level

    Aren’t you inspired just by reading the Titles and Sub-Titles?  I am.  Reading anything on leadership energizes me! I recently put John C. Maxwell’s book apps on my phone for the last two books on the list.  The apps have a listing of quotes from the books on them that you can share on social media.  There’s a bunch of other features on each of the apps that are helpful in goal setting too.  Great Leadership tools!
    As you can see, I am Mentored to Lead by John Maxwell!  One day, Lord willing, I will get to attend his Equip Leaders Course, meet him and let him know!  Hey, you gotta let a girl dream 🙂
    John Maxwell’s Online Bookstore Click Here!

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