• Rest Is A Verb

    Let perseverance
    finish its work
    so that you may be mature and complete,
    not lacking anything.
    James 1:4  NIV


    Rest Is A VerbThis Friday I was a guest on the women’s TV Show, See, Hear, Love with Melinda Estabrooks and a few of my incredible, world-shaking girlfriends {I’ll let you know when the episode airs}.  At one point in the show, we talked about our hectic schedules and the issues we have with letting ourselves get too busy. As a firstborn, Type A personality, raised in a racing family of over-achievers who owned multiple businesses; rest doesn’t come easily or naturally for this girl and my friends are much the same.See Hear Love People

    In the last year, God called one of my closest girlfriends to a time of radical rest.  Now, the idea of God asking you to not work would seem a blessing… but to my hard-working, others-focussed friend, the task has been daunting and difficult.  Attempts at heading back into the workforce before God’s release, have resulted in closed doors and her submission to wait for God’s perfect timing.  I believe her answering God’s call to drastic obedience will pave the way for the incredible things God has for her future.

    As I was thinking about all this, Todd’s aunt forwarded me an encouraging post about rest. When reading, this phrase popped into my head and hasn’t let go. Maybe it’s because I was a huge DC Talk fan back in the day {Only those who were young Christian in the 90’s will get this connection—check out this fun #musicpics post}, but I had this repetitive thought in my head… Rest is a Verb.


    Combining the truth of this week’s verse with a line from the blog post I read, led me to a new understanding I want to share with you!  The line in the article that inspired me was essentially saying,

    Rest in God’s Kingdom is not inactivity, but total dependence on God.1

    When I read the definition of the original Greek word Hypomoné used in this verse, translated in our Bibles to read as: perseverance, endurance, steadfastness, or patience, it got me to researching a little more. I googled the definition of rest and it all came into clear vision.  Rest is defined as “relax, refresh, or recover strength”.2

    Sometimes, we need to endure in rest, in order to become strong, getting ready for the next God has for us.  We’re like athletes who need to take a break, so they can recover strength in their muscles; or dough you need to let rest, so it can rise.  Rest isn’t inactivity, it’s activity out of sight.  Rest is a Verb!

    I hope this new understanding helps you to be patient in rest, allowing God the opportunity to build you up, make you strong, mature you and prepare your heart for the exciting adventure He has in store!


    Father… Thank you for being loving enough to keep working on me.  I will work hard to stop wiggling my way out of your crucible and rest in you.  I’m asking You to produce in me the character and strength needed to fulfill your call on my life. In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Drawing from the well

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