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  • I Needed To Fill Up My Well

    Once when he was eating with them, 
    he commanded them, 
    "Do not leave Jerusalem 
    until the Father sends you the gift he promised, 
    as I told you before. 
    John baptized with water, 
    but in just a few days 
    you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit."
    ~Acts 1:4-5 NLT

    I Needed to Fill Up WellThe last two months have been an amazingly awesome blur.  I traveled speaking six out of the past nine weekends and went to NYC for another weekend with my mom and sister.  Our first ever trip together!

    Speaking at women’s events is what fires me up, but also drains me out.

    I’ve been experiencing this increase in ministry all while I’ve been co-coordinating The Word Awards for The Word Guild… you know, the one I won an award for my blog in last year (I mention it here and here)?  We’ve also had the WIMM Canada website rebuild and that took a lot of work for our team.  Anyways, we had the Word Award WinAwards Gala on Friday night, handing out 48 Awards.  By the end of the awards, I was completely exhausted.  Actually, whatever word is beyond exhausted, that’s what I was! So, I’m getting this devotion out late today because I needed to fill up my well! 

    On Saturday I tried to write my Soul H2O devotion, but it just wouldn’t come.  It was like trying to draw water from a well that was dry.  You can keep priming the pump, but the only thing that’s going to come up is crud from the bottom of the well.  That’s where I was at.

    So, I thought, I’m just not going to send out a devotion until I have time to refill my well.

    Saturday night I got a good night’s sleep. Then, on Sunday morning an old College friend Bob Smickiklas and his son Josiah were preaching at our church.  Josiah had just come back from a YWAM Missions trip all fired up.  As he told about God’s miraculous power at work healing people both physically and emotionally, I got fired up.  Josiah told of how one young girl who was born mute spoke for the first time!

    Physical rest, preaching, testimonies and being with other believers started filling up my well.  The prayer time after the service was a huge wave of refreshing.

    I got another good night’s sleep and woke up revived. Reenergized to read God’s Word. I read this week’s verse during my devotions and it popped off the page! I understand what Jesus was saying to the disciples in Acts 1:4-5, and why.  He knew what they were facing in life and ministry.  Jesus knew it wouldn’t be easy.  He knew the mission was great.  Jesus doesn’t suggest, the Bible says He commanded the believers to not go out and do any ministry until they received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  An experience I understand as being secondary to salvation since Jesus was commanding believers to wait.  Jesus knew we couldn’t do I on our own and that we’d need the empowering of the Holy Spirit to accomplish all God desires for us to do.

    [tweetthis]The IN-filling must be greater than the OUT-pouring! [/tweetthis]

    the infilling must be greater

    God knows what you’re going to face.  Only He knows what you need.  Only He can fill up your well.  Choose today to make choices that will deposit living water in that reservoir of yours!


    Father…I’m thankful that You can fill up my well.  I’m sorry for getting too busy that my reserves are depleted.  Help me to make wise choices physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually, to stay refreshed.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit.  Baptize me like you promise in Your Word.  I need your strength.  In Jesus Name…Amen

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    God has promised to make us a watered garden, but we can’t keep the hose on all the time!

    ~From Michele Morin

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    Drawing from the well

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