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    Hello friends!  It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to write a post outside of my weekly devotions.   Since Todd’s surgery, things have been crazy busy with us.  After the months of recovery I was really worn out and just needed some time.  In the past few months so much has changed for us and we have some VERY exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you in the next while!  Until then, I will write whenever I can. Tonight I can’t sleep because I feel so strongly to post this blog about MISSIONARIES!

    On Monday I wrote a devotion blog called ALL OVER THE WORLD.  I shared about how God desired to do great things ALL OVER THE WORLD through every one of us!  I told you about some of my amazing friends who were doing just that.  Today, I want to introduce you to some of them and connect you to see the wonderful things they’re doing ALL OVER THE WORLD!  My hope is that you’ll take some time and check them out to possibly partner with their great organizations!  Maybe God will inspire you through them like He has in my life!

    First I mentioned one of my closest friends, Wendy Pauls.  Wendy is one of those people who unassumingly makes this world a better place just by being in it!  Wherever she goes, she inspires others to become the best they can be through her coaching and friendships.

    Theses are some pictures of Wendy during her most recent trip to Guatemala.  I think she feels at home in Guatemala as she has spent so much time there over the past years.  Her partner in crime (those are good crimes of course), for many years was another friend Sam Welten.

    Until recently, Wendy worked with Sam at his Missions Organization Possibilities International.  Sam desires to inspire a world full of “Everyday Philanthropists” who make a difference ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Their mission tagline and website is: IAM1RU???  So, if you’re wanting to be an “Everyday Philanthropists” and go oversees to help others, you should check out the humanitarian trips Sam leads through Possibilities International.

    Reynold and Kathy Mainse have been friends for years.

    They often travelled to Africa in their leadership at Crossroads Relief and Development years ago, but now have taken a HUGE step of faith into what God has called them to as they left the creature comforts of Canada and moved to Gulu, Uganda to open an office for their organization, World Embrace Ministries.  The way they live out their calling to build unity in the church of Uganda and to facilitate another Heaven’s Rehearsal is so inspiring!

    One of my new friends Cheryl Weber is the current reporter and spokesperson for  Crossroads Relief and Development.  Many of you will have seen riveting footage of Cheryl’s missionary journeys on the 100 Huntley Street show.  I am so blessed to be partnering with Cheryl and the team at Crossroads Relief and Development on their water project in Turkana, Kenya!

    Crossroads Relief and Development  is digging wells in the deserts of Kenya and cultivating the land for the people. Families receive a 1/4 acre plot of land once the soil is ready.   When completed, there will be 12 farms, each providing land for 130 families!  That’s over 1500 families!!!  The first set of farms have just started growing crops!  They are literally growing gardens in the desert!!!  That’s something only God could bring about!!!  This is a link to their webpage that contains a video that shows gardens growing in the desert and a little of what Cheryl does!

    Crossroads Turkana Update Webpage with Video and don’t forget to donate

    Peggy Kennedy is one of the most encouraging Missionaries you can ever meet!  She effortlessly (well it looks that way!) travels the globe and spreads God’s Word to the nations, yet finds time to not only read my weekly devotions via email, but never fails to write me and tell me how God uses them to encourage her or how it ties in with something God is doing somewhere else!  I know that was a long sentence, but it’s almost 4 am and I’m usually sleeping at this time 🙂  Peggy heads up Two Silver Trumpets ministry with her partner in life love and ministry, Jack.  Together they make an impact ALL OVER THE WORLD and right here in Canada!

    In December I wrote a blog called Christmas Giving.  In it I told about my friends Jamie and Michelle Stewart who lost their beautiful daughter Emma to cancer.  I was also able to share about how they have turned this tragedy into something beautiful!  Blooming in the desert!  They have started a fund called Emma’s House and have begun building homes for  orphans in Africa as that was a passionate desire for Emma!  Please read the Christmas Giving blog and hear more of the amazing story!

    I also have friends doing work in Remote Access Nations.  These are countries whose governments are closed to the gospel and their lives are at risk if it is publicly announced that they are doing any form of aid work.  It’s so hard for them to fund their work as they can’t share pictures or talk openly about what they do like other ministries.  These are the Rambo missionaries (without the guns!) who have the most intense calls of God on their lives, in my opinion!

     We need to pray for them and bless them financially whenever we can!  

    If you feel a tug and want to help, please click on the website link below and help out my friends in a Remote Access Nation.  http://www.agreatdoor.com  Please logon and register to make a donation that will make an impact ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Due to the nature of their work and for their safety, they will have to confirm your identity in order to partner with them.  It’s not a hard process like they live out, but a little more difficult than just logging on and donating like with other ministries, but oh the impact!!!

    Thanks for letting me brag about some of my amazing friends!  I really have a ton more, but this blog is getting long and I need some sleep 🙂

    Love you all,
    ~Sherry xoxo

    “I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world”                                   Romans 1:8 NIV

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  • Christmas Giving

    christmas givingChristmas Giving

    Now is the time for CHRISTMAS GIVING! Malls are closing. The presents have all been purchased and most are wrapped under the tree.   Families everywhere have begun to meet and will for the next few days, giving gifts to one another.   I know God loves when we give gifts to each other because we’re following in his example.

    “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only son…”

    John 3:16 NIV.

    How much more does He love it when we give to those less fortunate than ourselves! We are all so blessed in North America. It’s good to take the time out and bless others who need our help.

    Earlier in December I wrote a devotional called CHRISTMAS—WONDERFUL AND WOEFUL! In the post I shared about a few of my friends; some who are experiencing wonderful times and others who are struggling with woeful feelings of hurt. I wrote about my friend KEVIN PAULS and how God has opened up doors for him to fulfill a dream to host a nationwide Christmas tour. The 2014 Spirit of Christmas Tour with Kevin Pauls and Friends was a huge success! In the devotional CHRISTMAS—WONDERFUL AND WOEFUL I also shared about friends, Jamie and Michelle Stewart whose daughter Emma lost her battle with cancer at the tender age of 15.

    Donating to Emma’s House

    Emmas HouseEvery Christmas we give donations to charities as a family. It’s one thing I just LOVE doing! This year we decided to partner with our friends Jamie and Michelle Stewart and give to Emma’s House.

    Jamie and Michelle, along with their other four children started a charity in memory of their daughter and sister. Emma was a beautiful girl who loved to sing. From the website of Emma’s House here is the motive behind the mission:

    ‘”She (Emma) loved babies and always dreamed of going on missions trips…out of this and our desire, as her family, for her life to continue to have a positive impact, Emma’s House was birthed. It is our desire to continue Emma’s legacy of light and love by building homes for orphans all over the world. The first home will be built in Kampala, Uganda as we partner with Watoto, for 8 children and a house mother who will care for them.
    All proceeds from purchases will go towards making dreams realized…Emma’s dreams, our dreams, the dreams of orphans.”

    Earlier in 2014, Jamie and Michelle went to Kampala Uganda with family and friends. They began construction of the first ever Emma’s House! This home is now completed and being lived in by 8 orphaned children and their house mother through Watoto ministries.
    emmas house no. 1 Uganda
    This year, why not increase your CHRISTMAS GIVING and help the Stewarts raise money for another Emma’s house to be build in Rawanda! The rewards will be eternal!
    Follow the links below for more information or to donate.  You can donate through purchases of beautiful jewelry on their site:  http://www.store.emmashouse.ca

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    In His Grip,

    Check Out the Emma’s House Blog for more details: https://store.emmashouse.ca/blogs/news
    Donations to Emma’s House are processed on the Canada Helps site: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/emmas-house/

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