• Why Radio Is Your Best Friend

    Water In My Desert SongSoul H2O Radio Episode 4 Radio Is Your Best Friend that releases tomorrow is all about the power of musical worship. Rachelle Fletcher is our Interview Guest this week and I can’t wait for you to get to know her. You’re gonna love Rachelle! She’ll tell you all about the Song you’ve been hearing every week on Soul H2O Radio, being played subtly in the background, heard at the intro and the extro, fading in and out of the show at random times. Maybe you’ve even sung it at a Retreat I’ve spoken at? You’ll get to hear Rachelle’s professional recording of Water In My Desert produced by Josh Alltop (Dove Award Winning producer) and how God inspired the song from the intersection of my desert and hers.


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    Radio Is Your Best Friend

    “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to … provide a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”
    Isaiah 61:1,3

    Radio Is Your Best Friend

    The music and lyrics to Water In My Desert have refreshed my soul and I believe it has the potential to do the same for you.  This song has pulled me out of a funk and inspired me to have greater faith more than a few times.  Music has a way of doing this.  You can be down in the dumps when you hear a song and it literally makes your heart sing. Music is powerful!  That’s why Radio Is Your Best Friend when you’re going through a difficult time or just feeling a little blue… and when you’re feeling good an energetic song with powerful lyrics can empower your day!


    Joel Houston from Hillsong United in Australia wrote an article for the Pureflix blog called, How Music Affects Our Brains (And Our Hearts!). Through this magazine article and my other research (cause I’m geeky like that!), I’ve learned a lot about the power of music and when you add a spiritual aspect to the natural effects of music the results are supernatural. In the show I have time to go more in-depth with How The Power of Music Can Affect Your Life & Change You From The Inside Out. Some of the information is crazy amazing, but let’s just say, it’s no wonder why musical worship has such an amazing impact on hearts and minds.


    Science is finally backing up what the Bible has been saying for centuries. Isaiah 61 is a portion of Scripture that Jesus partially quoted in Luke 4.  It’s talking about the Messiah, Jesus when it says, “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to … provide a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” Musical Worship can be that garment of praise that will trade your spirit of despair and provide your heart with hope. Music has the power to change the atmosphere in your heart, home, workplace and even the mood in your car with hangry kids. Whatever your need for refreshing, God can bring water into your desert with a song!

    So, turn the music up and let radio be your best friend!


    Father… I’m thankful for the power of a power song about you to destroy despair and defeat my doubt.  I will put on the garment of praise and raise my voice today as you take care of my burdens. This is how I choose to fight my battles! In Jesus Name…Amen


    Might I suggest J  This is the station that is hosting my radio show and producing the podcast version.  My producer Mike is amazing.  Everyone at that station is so great to work with.

    For those of you who might be new to the #soulh2o blog, you might not know about #musicpic’s.  I started suggesting songs to go along with my devotions years ago.  If you need a dose of musical refreshing, you can always find the #musicpics on the blog by using the search function found on the blog main page right hand side by selecting the #musicpic category. My favourite is the Giant Killer Songs list but there are lots of great suggestions. You can also find #musicpics at in the Show Notes for every Soul H2O Episode.   Here’s a few links to help your search:

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    Drawing From the Well

    1. Isaiah 61:1-3
    2. Psalm 96:1
    3. Zephaniah 3:17
    4. Psalm 40:3




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    Before you find out WHO the Contest Winner is…

    I want to let you know WHY I had a Contest!

    Since April I:

    • Unveiled my new website
    • Changed the address of my blogsite to my newly created website
    • I spoke at over 7 different women’s events
    • I taped an interview with Cheryl Weber of Crossroads about the Turkana, Kenya ‘Streams In The Desert’ project
    • My book WATER IN THE DESERT was released in a second Edition by Word Alive Press, along with Todd’s first release of 40 Days In The Man Cave
    • Todd and I had an extremely well attended Book Release Party at the Leamington Arts Centre
    • Todd and I released the
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      website for people to Sign-Up online and receive 40 daily emails as they go through our books to encourage them along the way
    • Todd and I were taping 7 weeks worth of videos for the Challenge to be included in the Church Campaign Toolboxes

    Suffice to say that we were completely OVERWHELMED and probably a little ‘ in over our heads’ with all that activity.  It wasn’t until late June when I started realizing that no one was commenting on my blog posts anymore.  I thought maybe they weren’t very good (the enemy loves to make us feel inadequate).  By July we figured out that it was a technical issue with the new site.  In order to “encourage” people to start commenting on the blog again I devised the

    #CommentToWin Contest

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    I loved receiving comments again and hope you continue to let me know what you’re thinking!

    I am so pleased to announce the winner to the
    #CommentToWin Contest

    (insert drum roll please)

    Betty Catto
    from Edmundston, NB!!!

    “I am honored in being chosen to receive a copy of your book.I read every post you put on and I am so encouraged by them. A lot of the times they are just what I need to hear that day and other times it is what God has been speaking to me and is confirmation. Thank you so much for your weekly post. May God continue to bless you in all you put your hands to. You are truly an inspiration.  I am looking forward to reading your book. God bless you and Todd.”
    Betty receiving a course certificate at the Bible School in Wickham NB.

    I’m so glad you were the winner!  I know you love to study the WORD!  Praying God refreshes your spirit as you go through the book and soak in all the scripture it contains!  Glad God connected our paths again so I could hear that things were going well for you!
    Much love, ~Sherry

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