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  • Holy Socks and How I Know I’m Coming OUT of The Desert

    The Israelites ate manna forty years,
    until they came to a land that was settled;
    they ate manna
    until they reached the border of Canaan. 
    ~Exodus 16:35  NIV

    Holy SocksHoly Socks!

    Isn’t it frustrating when you’re rushing to get dressed in the morning and put on a pair of socks only to step down and feel a hole? {Grrrr} Quickly you put on another pair, step down and they have holes too?  Seriously, how can this be?

    Well that’s what my morning was like about a month ago and then after a few socks I found an intact pair.  Within an hour I was getting ready to leave the house and found a new hole as I went to put my shoes on.  I know this may seem ridiculous to you and I’m embarrassed to tell you, but I sat on the floor and almost cried.  It seemed like everything I own was wearing out…jeans, belts, coats, shirts and tons of socks!

    As I sat on the floor sulking {insert pouty face here} the Lord brought back to my remembrance Deuteronomy 29:5, Yet the LORD says, “During the forty years that I led you through the wilderness, your clothes did not wear out, nor did the sandals on your feet.”

    I say it was the Lord because my brain was transfixed on how horrible things were for me.  How I didn’t have money to buy replacement socks and, at the current rate of sock disintegration, I would soon be walking barefoot!  God was able to bring this verse to mind because I had it in my well to draw out.  Immediately as I thought about the truth God was speaking to me, my mood changed.

    I began to thank God for the hole in my sock because I knew what God was trying to tell me through that holy sock; I was coming OUT of this desert!

    I went to Google to look up this verse and read today’s theme verse from Exodus 16:35.

    Exodus 16.35

    I was intrigued by the word ‘border’.

    I felt the Lord again speaking so clearly to me.  I don’t know how long the manifestation of God’s promise will take to ‘show-up’ in the natural, but I know it’s coming.  I confess I’m nearing the border of God’s promises for my finances because so many things are wearing out.

    I wish this verse said that they didn’t wear out until they were ‘in’ The Promised Land and had everything set up…all their produce planted…jobs arranged…but it doesn’t.

    There seems to be a unique phenomenon occurring in the Bible where supplies only lasted until people came to the border of their breakthrough.  Just like how the brook dried up around Elijah before God was about to provide better food and lodging for him1 and how the widow’s oil lasted until the rain came back.2

    If we can refocus our brains from looking at our situations in the negative, {like the holy socks} then we should be able to look at ‘loss’ as a gain.  The enemy has been trying to bring discouragement to me because my situation in many ways looks more hopeless than ever, I’m losing more at a faster rate, stuff is falling apart…yet, I know my Redeemer lives!  I know His Word is true.  I know He’s working things out in my favor! God used my holy sock to jar me from my self-pity! How cool is that!??!

    So, if things seem to be getting worse and your supply is dwindling be encouraged…you might be bordering your breakthrough!


    Father…You are so creative!  You’re never boring in the ways you chose to speak to me!  I will keep my spiritual eyes to open wide, able to focus on the truth of Your Word.  Help me to see the lack in my life; not as a sign that You’ve forgotten about me, but as the border to my breakthrough. I will speak Your promises over my situation until I see the manifestation of those promises being fulfilled in my life! In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Drawing from the well

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