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  • Daddy

    The Spirit you have received adopts you and welcomes you into God’s own family. That’s why we call out to Him, “Abba! Father!” as we would address a loving daddy.
                                         Romans 8:15 (The Voice Translation)

    Years ago I read the book The Shack. It told a fictitious story of one man’s journey to be able see God as He truly is: a loving, good father. This man’s view of God the father was marred by the experience he had with his earthly father.   I loved how the main character’s wife called God “Poppa”. Whenever I write out my prayers I call God “Daddy”. It was after reading the verse above one time that I began addressing him this way. There really is no better way to describe the relationship I have with our Heavenly Father. To me He truly is “Daddy”!

    At church our pastor talked about the issue of fatherlessness and how, statistically speaking, not having a father in your life is detrimental to your well-being. It’s a longing deep within each of us to have a good relationship with our fathers. We want them to love us, care about us and be proud of us. We desire to have our dads around. When this need is not met we are at a disadvantage and the enemy knows it. He uses this God-given need for fatherly love to his benefit. If the devil can get a man to not be the father God desires for him to be, it’s like he rolls a strike, taking down all the pins. The husband, wife and children all are left with a deficit.

    The only person who can completely fill this gaping need is God himself! He will often use others to help, but wants more than anything for us to let Him be the one we call Daddy!


    Father… I thank-you for adopting me into your family! It’s a concept I find so hard to fully grasp. Help me to know the depths of Your love so that I can put my complete trust in You. Help me to open up my heart and let you be the Daddy that I desire and need so my heart can be full! In Jesus Name…Amen.

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  • Faithful

    faithfulTonight my daughter Shelby’s blog post was inspiring to me!  She’s so open, honest and well…let’s just say she doesn’t leave you wondering what she’s thinking.  I love that about her!  In the past it has brought more than a few embarrassing moments when she “shared” her thoughts and feelings 🙂  When she was about three I had to take her to get some testing done at the hospital.  While in the waiting room she saw a mother from India wearing her native dress.  I could see Shelby staring at her checking out her clothes (she loved fashion from a very young age!).  All of a sudden she got up and walked right over to the woman blurting out before I could stop her “Why do you have a red dot on your head?”  I wanted to die!  I began to apologize but the beautiful woman, but she told me not to worry and explained to Shelby how it was like wearing a wedding ring to show people that she was married.  My kids always had a knack for sharing out loud as their teachers can attest 🙂
    In her blog, Shelby talked about how life is full of changes, but how God is our constant in hard times.  I’ve been up late doing laundry and while waiting for the next load to dry I was reading the Bible.  I read Psalm 145:13(b) and it says
    Ps 145-13b “The LORD is faithful to ALL His promises and loving toward ALL He has made.”  In Psalm 89:34 God says “I will not violate my covenant or alter what my lips have uttered.”  These verses are so very comforting to me when life is “seemingly” throwing a curve-ball, or when change happens.  God sticks to His Word!  He’s the Faithful one!  Psalm 146:6 says He “remains faithful FOREVER”!  Now that’s a promise I’m going to hold onto!  I’m thankful to God for taking care of Shelby when her heart was hurting so much and healing her wounds.  I’m so thankful that He is faithful to His promises, not matter how long ago He spoke them.  Seeing so many of them be fulfilled in the past two and a bit years is rewarding.  You just can’t give up because when you least expect it, God will do it!!!
    So, don’t lose hope today.  Keep the faith because your Father is FAITHFUL!

    If you want to read Shelby’s blog “Changes, love them or hate them?” click on the link

    faithful always

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  • Faith & Lace With Shelby

    On Sunday Night my daughter, Shelby created a blog for young women called “Faith & Lace“.  

    Faith & Lace

    Shelby releasing faith and laceIt’s all about faith, fashion, music or whatever she’s feeling at the time!   Shelby’s one of those strange kids that watched Fashion Television from when she was about 4 years old, and has great fashion sense now.  

    I think she loved music since the day she was born!  Shelby would kind of sing herself to sleep in her little basssonette.  Somehow she’s been blessed with a beautiful singing voice and the ability to play multiple instruments.  She didn’t get that from her momma!  

    Shelby’s faith was strong from a young age, but was almost destroyed in her early teen years.  Thankfully, things have changed so much!  

    Writing Devotions

    cross Shelbys faith and lace siteShelby started her blog with a devotional called “What Is Your Cross“. I wonder where she ever got the idea to write a devotional 😉  (Twinkle in her momma’s eye!)

    In the post, Shelby talks about her inspiration for writing the blog when she quotes Luke 9:23, “Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must… take up your cross daily, and follow me.”  Shelby goes on to say:

    I choose today to carry my cross of depression and anxiety high and follow God, no matter how painful and hard it may seem.

    So I ask you this, what is YOUR cross?

    Will you choose to let that cross bring you down and keep you in pain and discomfort, or are you going carry it with pride? Soon the cross will be dragged so long that it will slowly grind down to nothing, and you will truly feel free.

    Shelby has gone through so much in her short 18 years and has had to fight to get free.  It has come from accepting the cross she has to bear!  

    I couldn’t be more proud of her!  Interestingly, as she has accepted her cross and allowed God to use it, He has seen fit to lift the depression from her.  Steadily over the past year there has been a growing vibrancy and hope for the future in Shelby.   Her desire for God to use her and all she’s gone through make this momma’s heart sing!  

    Looks like we have another author in the house!  

    Since this post released, years have past… Her overcoming nature inspired a devotion and then Shelby shared her story in more detail on my Soul H2O Radio &Podcast Show. 

    Check out Shelby’s Blog:

    Instagram:     @shelbysparkman

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