• Powerful Keys of Authority

    Hope this devotion about Powerful Keys of Authority empower you to open and close some doors around you!

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    keys of authority

    Powerful Keys of Authority

    I remember being amazed when I was a little kid in elementary school over all the keys on the school janitor’s key ring. To me, he held such power to have access to go anywhere in that great big building! 

    Jesus is like a janitor when it comes to keys, except his keyring doesn’t only hold the keys to unlock doors in one building but to every bound place that exists. 

    Isaiah prophesied about the coming Messiah and how he would hold the keys to the house of David* and said, “what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.” (Isaiah 22:2) 

    In Revelations 1:18 and Revelations 3:7, the ONE mentioned who has the key of David is Jesus… and again repeats that “what He opens, no one can close; and what He closes, no one can open.” You probably find it easy to accept these words that Jesus is that powerful, but do you realize the most empowering part regarding the keys of David is how Jesus twice said that He’s given YOU His authority, He’s given YOU the keys to bind and loose things on earth; as it is in heaven?

    I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    Matthew 16:19

    Right now, Snap’s 1989 song that repeats, “I’ve got the power” is running through my head and I hope it’s swirling through yours too. You’ve got the power. The enemy wants you to think you’re weak but you my friend, have spiritual authority and I hope you’re using it!

    *P.S. The “house of David” is referencing the people of God, originally the people of Israel but through faith in Christ, we’ve all been brought into Abraham’s family… so, “the house of David”… that includes you!


    Father… I thank you for the truths that are in Your Word. Some are super difficult for me to believe and even harder to put into practice. Help me to live each day wielding my authority like Jesus did with boldness and humility. May I use the keys you’ve entrusted me with to walk in the freedom you destined for me to experience, but… don’t ever let me abuse this power either. In Jesus Name…Amen

    Drawing from the well

    Verses to help fill up your well.

    1. 1. Isaiah 22:22
    2. 2. Revelations 3:7
    3. 3. Matthew 16:19
    4. 4. Mathew 18:18

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    Whose Authority

    They go on to explain how they were working under the authority of King Cyrus’ decree. They knew who they were and whose authority they were working under!

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  • Recognizing Your Ability To Name Things

    Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground 
    all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. 
    He brought them to the man
    to see what he would name them;
    and whatever the man called each living creature,
    that was its name.
    ~Genesis 2:19 NIV

    Recognizing Your Ability To Name ThingsRecognizing Your Ability To Name Things

    As with anything I speak on or write about, I want you to know that I never feel I’ve “arrived”, or that I have this area perfected in my life.  I most often speak or write on topics or Scripture that God is highlighting in my life to help me grow and mature as a believer.  I especially feel this way about today’s devotion.  Its come out of some very challenging circumstances in my life and I’m thankful that until we draw our last breath… God isn’t finished with us yet! 

    Years before I became a mom, I picked out names for my kids.

    brandon and shelbyFor a boy, I wanted Brandon because I’d only known one other Brandon, a sweet adorable boy in my Sunday School class. By the time I had a son and given him the name Brandon, the Beverly Hills 90210 series had been released and was flooding our TV sets with the story of Brandon and Brenda Walsh. The name became associated with one of the coolest kids in North America, but it was no longer unique.

    I wanted the name Shelby for a daughter because of a spunky girl that sometimes came out to the youth group I pastored.  Seeing my kids now as grown, young adults I think I named them well.

    Cool would definitely describe my Brandon and spunky is an understatement for my Shelby!

    Today’s verse shows how God gave Adam the ability and authority to name all the animals and birds. Scripture says, “whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.”

    The reality is that God has given each of us the ability and authority to place names on things.

    Seriously, you are that powerful 🙂  Parents give their children a sense of identity by what they recorded on the birth certificate. Your first or given name helps you identify with who you are personally, and your last name brings a connection with your family identity.

    I wish this was the only way names were placed on people, just a one-time event at birth but sadly that’s never the case. Throughout your life; parents, teachers, bosses or even people in the checkout line are making statements about you; some kind, some loving… some harassing, negative or cruel.  Every word spoken has the potential to place a name on you. Sometimes people aren’t even trying to bring hurt but misguided words, insecurities or past hurt can leave your heart open to receiving names that were never intended for you.

    I want to encourage you that you’re not stuck with a name.

    One day God is going to give each of us a new name1 but before that happens, names can be changed. There are lots of examples in the Bible of people’s names being changed that changed the trajectory of their lives. Today, it takes a lot of work, but you can even have your name legally changed by the government. With work you can change the name label that’s been placed over you by others… or even if you’ve self-labeled.

    I also want to warn you.

    Be careful with your words. Sensitive ears are all around us, often attached to our own heads. As much as possible, talk in a way that uplifts, builds up and honors not using insults, criticism and heckling.  Remember how proverbs teaches that gracious, kind words are like honey; they’re “sweet to the soul”2 and “healing for the body”.3


    Father…I’m thankful you have a special name for me because you know me more than anyone on this earth.  Help me to make You the source of my worth, confidence and identity.  I ask You to bring revelation to where I’ve accepted names you never meant to characterize my life so I can reject and eradicate them from my thoughts. I chose to come in agreement with and commit to speaking the names you place over me. In Jesus Name…Amen

    Drawing from the well

    1. Genesis 2:19
    2. Isaiah 62:2
    3. Psalm 19:14
    4. Ephesians 4:29


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    1. Revelations 2:17
    2. Proverbs 16:24 NLT
    3. Proverbs 16:24 ISV

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  • Gratitude For Grace

    “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”
                                                                        Luke 10:20    NIV

    When I was a teenager our youth group did a lot of missional outings.  Sometimes our youth pastor would put us in groups of two and send us out in the city park to share our faith, other times we would travel to nearby towns and help smaller churches.  Right before I started College we went way up north to a secluded town to help a new church.  One night on that trip the teens in the town all met at a park and my team ended up in a share-a-thon of sorts, witnessing about Christ for hours.  I remember the exhilaration I felt after that event.

    Luke 10 records how Jesus sent out 72 disciples to spread the gospel message.   When the people got home they were so excited about how God used them to reach the people and even cast out demons; much like my friends and I felt after the youth trip.  Jesus followers began telling Him how amazing it was that “even the demons submit to us in your name.”1  Jesus quickly responded to their reports as He recognized the door to pride was creeping open by their comments and warned them to not get caught up in their spiritual authority but to always remember to stay thankful for their salvation.

    I went to an event and one person at the table kept hi-jacking the conversation.   Whenever anyone shared about a situation or struggle this person automatically told the other person how they should take authority over that situation and most often followed up with an example of how they had done this in their life. When Christians get out of balance and focus on their authority over their salvation, it’s a dangerous place. We need to keep ourselves in a gratitude for grace mindset so we won’t easily get to puffed up and out of balance.

    [tweetthis]We need to keep ourselves in a gratitude for grace mindset #grace[/tweetthis]

    Choose today to brag about your salvation with others.  Remember your spiritual authority in Christ and use it, but never let it become your focus.


    Father…I want to thank-You for saving my life and writing my name in heaven. Help me to confidently use the spiritual authority You’ve given me while keeping a proper focus that I was once in need of a savior, so I don’t fall into pride.  Let me live in a gratitude for grace.  In Jesus Name…Amen

    1           Luke 10:19

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  • 4. WE Rule – In The Beginning Series

    “…and let them rule…”
    Genesis 1:26 NIV

    We come to the Bible with filters on our eyes, minds, hearts and spirits. It’s impossible not to. We read the Bible through the lens of our past experiences, teachings, understandings and misunderstandings. Somewhere my filter was cloudy on the authority God gave in the garden and that left me to have a bit of an inferiority complex. Recently I read Genesis 1 over without that faulty lens of the past and found out that WE Rule! Now, let me explain…

    I think my confusion came because people have focused their teaching about ruling creation from the verses in Genesis 2 over the verses in Genesis 1 that talk about the same thing.

    You see, Genesis 1:1-2:3 is kind of a ‘highlight reel’ of the first seven days of creation. Day seven is summed up by God when he said:

    “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:26-27 NIV

    The Genesis 2 account gives us a “behind the scenes” look at the seventh day and how it all started before Eve was created.

    “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden…” Genesis 2:15

    Adam began ruling over the land, birds, sea and animals. God even allowed Adam to name everything. What a cool job that would have been! It started with just Adam ruling, but it didn’t end there. Genesis 1:26-28 confirms that by the end of day seven, God’s original plan was to let them rule; both male and female.

    The more I study how God designed things In The Beginning, the more I realize He wanted men and women to partner together in dominion over the earth. It’s not a feminist ideal. It’s just a realignment to how God designed things to work.

    Girls don’t need to have an inferiority complex and guys don’t control the market on management. No one needs to clamor for or grasp at something that is already theirs. Men and women are called to rule together. Our attitude should be the same as Jesus’ towards any position of authority. In Philippians 2:5-9 we read that Jesus modeled servant leadership. So understand correctly everyone, WE Rule to serve!


    Father…I thank You for an increased revelation in truth about your original intentions for men and women In The Beginning. Help me to see how good your plans were from the start. I pray that men and women would begin to rule together in the church, in business, in families and wherever leadership is needed. Let each one use their distinct giftings that display Your image and benefit Your kingdom. Let this truth inspire me to live out Your purposes for my life. In Jesus Name…Amen

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  • Whose Authority?

    “Who authorized you to rebuild this temple and restore this structure.”

    Ezra 5:3 (NIV)

    whose authorityThe Israelites had started rebuilding the temple and then stopped for 16 years. As soon as they started rebuilding again the Governor of their area halted operations and questioned their authority to do the job. I love the Israelites answer to the Governor’s question. “We are the servants of the God of heaven and earth, and we are rebuilding the temple”. They go on to explain how they were working under the authority of King Cyrus’ decree. They knew who they were and whose authority they were working under!

    Too many Christians don’t know who they are and the authority that has been given to them.  If you don’t know this you need to familiarize yourself with scriptures that teach on it. The enemy will always use people to make you question if you are a real Christian and if you are called by God to do what you’re doing.

    Matthew 28:18 says: “Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” In Luke 10:19 Jesus says: “I have given you authority”. Romans 8:11 says “if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you…”. You have been given authority through Christ to accomplish all that He’s called you to do.  So, when people question, make sure you know the answer!


    Father…I thank-you for adopting me into your family and making me a child of The King! Help me to grow in understanding of my position and authority as your child. May I walk in the confidence, boldness and authority of a King’s Kid! In Jesus Name…Amen.

    So glad we’re not under the authority of a king like this!
    We are under the authority of the King of Kings and He Has Delegated His Authority to us!

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