Do not be afraid of them, because by this time tomorrow I will hand all of them over to Israel…Suddenly…”
                                          Joshua 11:6-7 NIV

Last weekend while driving home from speaking at a conference, a horrible rain/snow storm hit. It was so shocking to have flurries that early in the year, so I had to take a picture! Right after I took the picture it got so bad that I could barely see out the windshield when Suddenly the storm stopped.   Beautiful blue skies with fluffy white clouds appeared and the road ahead was clear. In awe I took another picture and as I did I felt the Lord whisper to me that drastic change was ahead!

Joshua 11 records one of the Bible’s many stories of change that happened suddenly. Israel was being attacked by nations to the north. Scripture tells us that there was a “huge army, as numerous as the sand in the seashore” and that “all these kings joined forces” against them (Joshua 11:4-5).  It seemed the Israelites were doomed to defeat, but like so many times before and after this battle; God quieted their fears, gave them battle plans and brought victory, where it didn’t seem possible!

I can’t help but think about the current crisis in Israel. All the nations surrounding them are poised to pounce. Out-numbered and out-powered in the natural, it looks like the enemy is winning. Right now there are situations in my life where it seems the enemy has the upper hand; maybe you can relate? Thankfully, we serve the God of the suddenly and He’s still on the throne quieting our fears, giving us battle plans and bringing victory, where it doesn’t seem possible!


Father…we echo the words of David in Psalm 70:1-3 “God! Please hurry to my rescue! God, come quickly to my side!” (MSG) Help me to stand confident in the face of life’s storms so that I will see the work of your hand to suddenly defeat the enemy and see Your victory shine through the clouds of my situation! May Your peace be in Jerusalem and in my heart! In Jesus Name…Amen  

Take a close look and you can see raindrops still on the hood of my car in the bottom frame. That’s how quickly the weather changed! 

So, dare to share a time when God worked SUDDENLY to bring about victory in your life?…… Record it in the Comment Section below and bolster the faith of some weary soul!

Sherry Stahl