I just can’t stop listening to the song “Promises” by

 7eventh time down

I love how the band combines a new song and an old hymn that we used to sing in church.  The songs we sang when I was a kid were so much simpler, and included more repetition, but not so exciting; musically speaking.  It was always verse then chorus, repeat 3-4 times and then since the chorus at least a couple of times.  I know I’m really dating myself before my time, but I could actually remember the words to a whole song back then 🙂  The simple chorus from the hymn “Standing on the Promises of Christ My King” are words that have been embedded in my spirit.  When 7eventh Time Down sings them it draws from the deep well that I am so thankful to have!

This week’s devotion talked about how sometimes it takes a year to see God’s promises come to pass…sometimes it can event take longer!  It’s in those times that we need to keep Standing on the Promises of God and believe that what He told us He would do, He will do!

This week I stand in faith along with some of my friends, believing for promises yet to be fulfilled!  May we all have faith to keep Standing on the Promises!

Here’s the song…Get ready to be encouraged!

Lyrics for the Original Hymn “Standing on the Promises of Christ My King


Sherry Stahl