caution slow fadeThis week’s devotional was about losing your Spiritual Sensitivity.  I talked about how we can become “Desensitized” to spiritual things.  It’s never a one decision journey, but as Casting Crowns sings:slow fade words
People don’t wake up one day and just change.  It’s always a progression of life choices that keep leading them farther and farther away from who God created them to be.  You become desensitized, it doesn’t just happen.  It’s the effects of spirtual dehydration that gets you delirious enought to make bad choices.
Thought you might like to listen to this song about the effects of the desensitizing “Slow Fade”.  Next time I’ll post about how you can stay spiritually hydrated.

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Click on the Link to listen to the Youtube Song “Slow Fade with Lyrics
Click here to see the lyrics for “Slow Fade
Write to you soon!

Sherry Stahl