Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
                                                Hebrews 10:23 NIV

“I just can’t take it anymore!” These are terribly hopeless words of complete surrender to defeat.  Years ago, in a place of brokenness I quoted them too much.  At some point I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me and encouraging me to be careful with what I allowed to roll off my lips.  So, when those words came spilling out of my mouth recently, alarms started going off in my head.  I knew that I no longer was saying the right thing.

The confession of my mouth was negative, void of hope or faith.  The opposite is what I needed to declare.

Only days later, my daughter reminded me how to speak in hope.  Shelby was talking with her friends and professed about her future in hope and faith.  Shelby spoke words to the direction God gave her a few years ago for her life.

The writer of Hebrews was encouraging believers to profess their hope.  Since profess isn’t a word I normally use (and maybe you don’t either) I looked this verse up in the original Greek.  Strong’s concordance explains that profess means to “speak to a conclusion”1.  Our profession; our spoken words need to speak to the end…not to our current situation.  Profess hope for your future in the words you speak.


What are you professing?

Are you releasing your faith through what you say or binding it up?

Are you saying the right thing?


Father…let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You.  Help me to set a guard around my mouth so I can eat of the good fruit that my words produce and not the bitter.  I will hold unswervingly to the hope I hold in You and profess it with my words because YOU ARE FAITHFUL!  In Jesus Name…Amen

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1        https://biblehub.com/greek/3671.htm

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  2. Proverbs 18:21
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  5. Romans 4:17
Sherry Stahl