“Those who trust in God are like Zion Mountain: Nothing can move it, a rock-solid mountain you can always depend on.”
Psalm 125:1 MSG

Do I have a rock-solid trust in God? Do you have an unshakeable confidence in our Savior? Can people depend on us? Headlines on the evening news, the issues in our schools and new laws being passed in our countries give us more than enough reasons to let fear creep in and overtake our thoughts. How can we learn to live in shaky times and still show character that is dependable, unshakable, even…rock-solid?

Psalm 125 was written about a shaky time in Israel’s history. The Israelites were living in captivity, displaced from their families, homes and jobs. They weren’t walking on easy street, but many displayed this rock-solid trust in God. Last week’s devotion called Encircled, talked about the next verse, Psalm 125:2 that says, “Mountains encircle Jerusalem, and God encircles his people—always has and always will.” (MSG) The people could stand strong because they were confident that God was in front of them, behind them and on each side. They were completely Encircled in His care.

If you can stand on Psalm 125:2 and know that God has YOU Encircled in His embrace it will give you the confidence you need to be dependable, unshakeable, even… rock-solid!


Father…I thank-You that You are unshakeable…unchangeable…immovable. Help me to grow closer to you and as I do, let your character become my character so that when people go through hard times I am one of those they can depend on to be a rock-solid friend trusting in You! In Jesus Name…Amen

Sherry Stahl