How You Can Rival The Identity Issue And WinWhat’s a summer holiday without a great book to read?  I’ve been getting filled up during my summer holiday in the past two weeks with an amazing book by Lisa Bevere and I really want to share it with you so you can rival the identity issue and WIN!!!  I’ll also let you in on what Lisa Bevere’s really like as I tell you about how I know her.

I’m reviewing Lisa Bevere’s book, WITHOUT RIVAL; Embrace Your Identity and Purpose in an Age of Confusion and Comparison 1 along with the DVD Series, INSIGHTS TO A LIFE WITHOUT RIVAL: you are loved uniquely 2 for this #PaperbackPic post and #EllensPicks Linkup.

Ellens PicksI have to let you know that the book and DVD were provided to me by Baker Books through my association with Ellen’s Picks, but I can assure you the comments are what I really think…and you’re gonna love this one!

Lisa Bevere

Lisa is a feisty, fun passionate Sicilian with a heart much bigger than her little frame!  Her life has influenced mine in more ways than she will probably ever know because she also influenced my daughter’s life when she spoke at the SEU Conference this year and Shelby actually read this book before me!  Lisa’s inspiring mothers and daughters all over the globe and this book of hers contains so many truths I hope this younger generation of girls take hold of better than we have.

How I Met Lisa

I was blessed to get to know Lisa a little bit back in about 2008 or 2009.  I had been asked to be Lisa’s Assistant for a Conference in Toronto and I was thrilled to serve the woman who wrote books that helped me mature like, Be Angry, But Don’t Blow It 3 and Out of Control and Loving It 4.

It happened during a crazy weekend with an unseasonal blizzard in April, and I mean Blizzard!  We often get a token snowfall in April that melts before noon, but that year we had an all-out snowstorm.  I was supposed to pick Lisa up at the Toronto airport but her plane had to get rerouted into Buffalo because the storm was so bad.  Friends who lived closer to Buffalo had to pick her up and drive her to the Conference.  Lisa got there just in time to speak for the first night and I was anxious to help her, but I wish I’d been given a little more direction to better assist…If only I knew then, like I know now, what a speaker needs!

When I went to take Lisa to the airport or her flight home she almost had to get an alternate ride again.  I left Lisa at the front doors of the hotel and left to get my car out of the parking lot.  It had snowed again overnight and my car was stuck in about a foot of snow!  After about 20 minutes I had shoveled out and pulled up to the front as she was just about to get into another car.  She jumped into mine and away we were off.  I was probably the worst assistant Lisa’s ever had to deal with!

The Storm Raging In My Life

That weekend the weather matched the storm raging in my life and it was all I could do to be “normal”.  My first marriage was completely broken and I was struggling to stay afloat on a sinking ship.  At times it was so difficult to put aside my personal life and focus on the Conference.  When my car was stuck in the snow it almost pushed me over the edge, but I didn’t let it take me down.  Hearing how much Lisa had overcome in her life gave me inspiration to believe that my miracle could be just around the corner.

Lisa was the real deal.  She spoke with the anointing of God…and she was fun!  I loved listening to her talk with her boys and try to break up disagreements from another country.  She was a real mom, with real kids…and if you know anything about Lisa, you know she loves her family.

You Are Not What You WeighLisa also had a real heart for women.  I remember praying around the altar with her when a girl came up broken and shared how she struggled with an eating disorder.  Lisa’s heart was truly broken for this girl and she sincerely shared from her life.  Lisa asked me to run to the table to get this girl her book, You Are Not What You Weigh. 5  Lisa signed it and gave her the book free of charge.

I knew God was preparing me for the future in being Lisa’s speaking assistant, but I just couldn’t imagine how my life could ever turn around to be “ministry material” again.  I remember thinking, if she only knew how messed up my life was she wouldn’t want me around.

Fast Forward 10 years and here I am; happily remarried, fulfilling that call on my life for ministry through speaking and authoring books.  ONLY GOD!!!!  Whenever I get to give my books away I remember how Lisa did this so freely.


without rivalWhen I received my #EllensPicks package with a book from Lisa inside I was completely excited.  I listen when Lisa speaks because I know she hears from God.

Without Rival is a dynamic book that will help you embrace your identity and purpose.  Watching the DVD series, Insights To a Life Without Rival will feel like you’re right in the room with Lisa, hanging out with your girlfriends.  You get to see her as she really is and hear her heart for women…for YOU!

You Can Rival the Identity Issue, and WIN!

God has been speaking to me at a whole new level since I read this book. It’s helped me see areas where I’ve been living below God’s view of my identity because of the rivals in my life.  This line in her book at the very beginning started the “light-bulb” moments for me as I read.

“When rivalry comes into play,
its goal is not so much to win the game as it is to remove you from the field.”6

Lisa talks about people who rival us and how they actually are a blessing in our lives!  She shares how God’s love for us is unrivaled.  Her words built me up as I read:

“You are uniquely loved because you were uniquely created.
Unique means “the sole example of, prototype or only one,” and my favorite definition, “without equal or rival.””7

There were so many truths in her book. One that powerfully impacted me was that,

God Has No Rival

When Lisa talked about this she had my full attention.  As I watched the DVD.  She told the story about how Jesus asked the disciples in Matthew 16:13-18, “Who do you say I am?”.  Simon, whose name is about to be changed to Peter replies, “You’re the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”8  Lisa points out that,

“When we have a revelation of who Jesus really is,
then we are in a position to hear who we really are.”9

When Simon declares who Jesus really is it unlocks the key for Jesus to declare who Simon really is!  Simon was really Peter.  He wasn’t a fickle-fisherman, he was rock-solid so, Jesus changed his name from Simon to Peter.  It’s only after we get a revelation of who God is that we can get a revelation about who we are and begin to walk in destiny!

Let God reveal Himself to YOU!

Don’t just settle for scraps leftover from someone else or rumours of what God did for them.  Let God reveal Himself to you personally.  If you do, by the end of this book, you will be inspired to live as a,

Daughter Without Rival,
in a Life Unrivaled!

Hope you enjoy your summer.  This Monday I’ll be back from holidays, sending out my weekly #SoulH2O Devotions.

Much love,

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lisa and john bevereLisa Bevere is a New York Times bestselling author and the wife of John Bevere, another NYT Bestselling author.  Together they have founded Messenger International.  They have inspired generations of Christians through their books, speaking, blogs, podcasts and lives lived.

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#PaperbackPic: WITHOUT RIVAL
Embrace Your Identity and Purpose in an Age of Confusion and Comparison
AUTHOR: Lisa Bevere
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PUBLISHER: Revell; a division of Baker Publishing Group Grand Rapids, MI USA
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AUTHOR: Lisa Bevere
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