“do not worry…do not worry…do not worry…”
                        Matthew 6:25,31,34

Lately, I keep going back to the Devotional in my book called “DON’T BE AFRAID”.  The verses you look up are so repetitive…and I mean that in a good way!  I am overwhelmed at how many times God encourages us in His Word to “not worry”, “don’t be afraid”, “do not fear”, “do not fret”.  In one short passage alone Jesus bluntly tells us “Do not worry” three times!
To paraphrase Joshua 23:3, God is saying, “You’ve seen what I’ve done for you and how I’ve been the one on your side!”  Then, He starts to remind the people how He was there for them and what He did for them.  God is our father and all too often we act like little children who need to be reminded of what our dad does for us.  We need that spiritual “cold shower” to wake us up and remind us that God is with us, so…we don’t need to worry! 
When I want to get my kids to understand something or not forget something, I repeat myself.  The more important, or the more bothered I am with them for not listening will determine how many times I repeat myself!  Do you get the spiritual similarities?  Our heavenly father does the same!  As you study The Word, listen to our father’s REPEATS.  Be encouraged to trust and not worry…He’s on the job!
Father, Help me to be aware of who you are and all you’ve done for me.  May I not take it for granted or minimize all you do.  Please help me to focus on your greatness and your goodness so that I don’t worry, but live in confidence! Amen
(WATER IN THE DESERT; Section 2-WATER PARTING; Don’t Be Afraid, pgs.78-81).  

Sherry Stahl