“In The Beginning God created…”    
                           Genesis 3 1:1  NIV

In May I felt the Lord encouraging me to write a series called In The Beginning.  I had a few ideas when I started it but had no clue it would span 18 weeks and lead into another much shorter series called After The Fall.  If you haven’t been a regular reader of my Soul H2O devotions and this series you can see where it all starts with the Series Introduction with the button below.  You can find the devotions by searching my website on the blog page.  Each of the titles are mentioned in the recap.

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Sometimes these devotions didn’t follow the regular structure of my Soul H2O devotions like this one, but I knew they had to be written as God was giving them to me.  It was such a great journey for me and I have heard from many of you readers throughout this series, more than any other devotions.  I’ve had people writing me telling me how they have grown to understand at such a deeper level how deep God’s love for them is as they began to really understand how God said they were VERY GOOD.  I hope you have experienced the same.  I pray that learning how scripture teaches that you were created as SHAMELESS, INNOCENT, IMAGE BEARERS has opened your eyes to see how valuable you are to the Father and know that He created you perfect in His sight.

I hope that the devotions FILLED WITH PURPOSE and PRODUCTIVE confirmed to you that God has great plans for your future, that He wants you to succeed and how you are BLESSED.  I hope you felt free to take a RESTFUL break from your work, like God did.

The clearest message I received while studying through the first few chapters in Genesis was that God’s original plan for men and women was to function as CO-WORKERS, ONE in the purposes of God as He designed that WE RULE best together.  This is what inspired the Series Logo design.

In The Beginnng

It has a serene green background with a man and woman reaching out together hand in hand.  In the original order of creation men and women worked together in unity like the tri-unity godhead.   As you study scripture you see that God’s plans move forward with ease when we are in unity.  Disunity blocks God from moving.

At the end of this series we see how Adam and Eve are beginning to open themselves up to the tactics of the enemy.  Their FREE WILL causes them to be SUSCEPTIBLE to talking with the enemy, leading them down a bad path.  Just like Adam and Eve we get FORGETFUL of what God has told us in the past and that leads us into TEMPTATION, but not necessarily to sin.


I’m so glad that many of you have downloaded the 10 WAYS TO BEAT TEMPTATION Mini Bible Study notes, if you haven’t they’re still there for you.   I’ve heard from quite a few of you have God has used them to help you.  The short series starting next week called After The Fall will help us to get even wiser to how the enemy works.  I ask you to pray for me as I work on this series.  I don’t really think it’s something the enemy wants me publishing!

So, my prayer for you as you recap this series is the same as it started.  I pray you’ve been encouraged and that your eyes have been opened to the original plans God had for you, In The Beginning!


Father…I pray that you would help me to see myself as you created me.  Open my eyes to the truth of how you created this world to function so I can work in unison with your plans and purposes.  Help me live to represent you well as your Image Bearer.  Let my life bring you glory.  In Jesus Name…Amen

Sherry Stahl