He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”
                                                   John 15:8 NIV

Last fall Todd prune the tree in our front yard and it has grown like crazy this year!  The leaves are double the size that they were last year and there’s so many more of them.  The branches are actually starting to droop because they’re so heavy with leaves.  It’s getting overgrown and looking a little out of control.  It’s time for another pruning!

In John 15 Jesus explains that God the Father is the gardener of our spiritual lives.  When I read verse 8 of this chapter I get why God cuts off branches that aren’t bearing fruit.  Those branches are a relief when they’re cut off, but allowing Him to prune branches that are bearing fruit is difficult, even painful.  It’s hard to let things go when there’s still good fruit growing.   Last year I felt God ask me to let go of a fruitful Bible Study leadership position to allow more time to travel speaking.  I struggled with this decision; especially since I had a very light schedule booked, but I know my Father’s voice, so I gave my notice.  Five months later I had spoken in Dallas twice, Montreal, Alberta, Burlington, Leamington, Windsor, Sarnia, Simcoe, London, Hamilton and Toronto a couple times. By July I was completely spent from all the incredible opportunities God brought my way.

Trust God’s leading in the pruning season.  Understanding;

[tweetthis]”Our Father prunes not to take away, but to multiply!” ~John 15:8[/tweetthis]


Father…As difficult as it is, I give you permission to prune anything in my life so it will bear MORE fruit!  I trust your wisdom.  You determine the seasons for the earth, and for my my life.  Help me to follow your schedule and not fight it, so I can experience Your divine multiplication this year. In Jesus Name…Amen

Sherry Stahl