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1 Copy of Water In The Desert Paperback with Study Guide

Inside this devotional, you’ll find exciting Biblical examples of how God provides Water in the Desert. Sherry will guide you on a journey through scripture and self-discovery that will lead you to victory. Traveling the desert road, you can reach your destination refreshed and re-hydrated, ready to let those streams of living water flow out of you! A Study Guide is included at the back of the book, for those who want to quench their thirst in a deeper way. Kickstart the next 40 days using this devotional for Individual or Church Challenges.

1 Copy of Soul H2O Women’s Devotion

Quench your spiritual thirst with refreshing devotions taken from the Soul H2O Blog. Throughout the short devotions, Sherry weaves relatable experiences making Biblical truths simple. Each end with a power-packed prayer followed by a list of scriptures to fill up your well. Kickstart the next 40 days using this devotional for Individual or Church Challenges.

1 Copy of 40 Days In The Man Cave – Men’s Devotional by Todd Stahl

Sherry’s firefighter, artist, author hubby Todd challenges men of all ages to take just 10 minutes a day to go through one of his devotions, look up the Scripture, think about the daily question, and pray. The last five devotions include some of Todd’s artwork and what inspired him to create them. This lighthearted book with titles such as:

  • Wash Behind Your Hears
  • The Brotherhood
  • I Want Front Row Seats
  • Pull Over
  • Lugs Lead Home
  • Jesus Wears Jeans… and more

1 Copy of The Tale of Lawrence The Llama: A Christmas Story

Written By: Colleen A. Coombs
Illustrated By: Todd Stahl

Lawrence the llama has a longing in his heart for something more in life, something larger, lovelier, and livelier than simply loading lima beans by the lake. One lonely evening Lawrence looks up into the looming night sky and sees a large luminous star! Could this luminous star be the light that leads him to fulfill his deepest longings?

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