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  • {PURE}beauty

    Pure Beauty

    Knowing What God Thinks About You!

    This message is altered depending on if I am speaking to adult women or youth, number and length of sessions. 

    This series makes the most impact when attendees are broken into small groups for group discussion. Handouts get girls/women to discuss.


    Pure Beauty Verse-Ps 45-11 king enthralled
    Pure Beauty Verse-SoS
    Pure Beauty-Beautifully Shaped For A Purpose

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  • Lessons Learned in the Desert

    Sherry's Signature Message

    An overview of the lessons God taught me in my desert times as we skim through my book, Water In The Desert. Great for one-day events or retreats. It’s best if the girls have the book and we do some of the exercises to make a greater impact. The women are often interested in going through the book after and getting into the Study Guide. Some churches run Ladies’ Bible Study groups using the book after the event.

    *Books available at a discounted rate.

    Water In My Desert Song

    By: Rachelle Fletcher
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    behind the song and get a free download!

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    Lessons Learned In The Desert

    Topics Discussed

    Points discussed will be determined by number of sessions, length of sessions and what I discern the Lord wants spoken to a particular group.  Some I might feel to emphasize more, some I might feel to skip.  I’ve never shared it quite the same.  I’m always asking the Lord to show me what He wants shared, not just a repetitive talk.

    • • God Provides Water in the Desert
    • • Place Yourself Near the Water
    • • Breaking Free is Hard Work
    • • Don’t Go Back to Egypt
    • • Travel “Through” the Desert
    • • God is With You in the Desert
    • • Testing…is Followed by Blessing
    • • Unpack Your Suitcase
    • • Move Out and Follow the Promise
    • • You Will Cross Over to the Promised Land
    • • Don’t Forget What God Has Done
    • • God Provides Water that Grows Gardens
    • • Drink From the Well that Won’t Run Dry
    • • Let the Streams Flow
    • • He’ll Take Your Mess and Make it a Message

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  • The BEST Cinderella Story

    The BEST Cinderella Story

    How God Is Working Behind The Scenes To Bring About A Turnaround In Your Life!

    A Look At The Life of Esther in Comparison to The Cinderella Plot Discusses how we all want the Fairy Tale Life, but that’s not reality. Not even the original “Cinderella”, Esther had a Fairy Tale life.

    We can live an exciting adventure though! Attendees will see Esther go from an Orphan to Trophy Wife, then a Reigning Queen or the Damsel in Distress to The Reigning Queen.

    (1-4 Sessions)

    Session #1—God is Working Behind the Scenes

    FOCUS: As God worked behind the scenes in Esther’s life to bring about her Cinderella Story, so has He been working behind the scenes to bring about YOUR Cinderella Story.

    Session #2—God Sees Beautiful in the Broken

    FOCUS: We see broken…God sees healed.

    Session #3—The Enemy's Target is a Boomerang

    FOCUS: Breaking free from the past. Breaking generational curses.

    Session #4—Live Royal

    FOCUS: Royalty comes through relationship, brings on rewards that bear responsibility.

    RESPONSIBILITY: Like Esther we can choose to partner with God in His plans for our lives to impact others or not.
    God has something great for all of us to do that will impact others.
    God has been working behind the scenes to bring about YOUR Cinderella Story. Will you say yes?

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