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  • The BEST Cinderella Story

    The BEST Cinderella Story

    How God Is Working Behind The Scenes To Bring About A Turnaround In Your Life!

    A Look At The Life of Esther in Comparison to The Cinderella Plot Discusses how we all want the Fairy Tale Life, but that’s not reality. Not even the original “Cinderella”, Esther had a Fairy Tale life.

    We can live an exciting adventure though! Attendees will see Esther go from an Orphan to Trophy Wife, then a Reigning Queen or the Damsel in Distress to The Reigning Queen.

    (1-4 Sessions)

    Session #1—God is Working Behind the Scenes

    FOCUS: As God worked behind the scenes in Esther’s life to bring about her Cinderella Story, so has He been working behind the scenes to bring about YOUR Cinderella Story.

    Session #2—God Sees Beautiful in the Broken

    FOCUS: We see broken…God sees healed.

    Session #3—The Enemy's Target is a Boomerang

    FOCUS: Breaking free from the past. Breaking generational curses.

    Session #4—Live Royal

    FOCUS: Royalty comes through relationship, brings on rewards that bear responsibility.

    RESPONSIBILITY: Like Esther we can choose to partner with God in His plans for our lives to impact others or not.
    God has something great for all of us to do that will impact others.
    God has been working behind the scenes to bring about YOUR Cinderella Story. Will you say yes?

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  • Women of The Christmas Story

    Carriers of The Promise & Presence of God

    The Teenager, The Middle-Aged Woman, and The Senior Citizen. They were carriers of the promise and presence of God—I want to be like them.

    This Message led to the award-winning blog post. The Teenager.

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  • Signs of a Good Mom

    Signs Of A Good Mom

    Looking at The Life of Mary. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day Message or for events to encourage Moms! Looking at Jesus’ Mom in her brilliance and blunders.

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  • Awaken Your Heart

    How God heals our wounded hearts and Awakens us to His Purposes.

    This message can also touch on physical healing if your group teaches in this doctrine.

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