What an amazing night!  My mom and dad, John and Sharon Fletcher were inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame for their investment into the sport of Drag Racing.  My parents have owned two NHRA drag strips in Ontario Canada.  I spent most of my life at the race track and driving fast is in my blood!  Dad started racing as a teen.  He became a mechanic and started Fletcher Performance with my mom.  Then he renamed it Fletcher Bros. when his younger brother Danny was old enough to work for him.  By the time I was a young teen my parents had 3 stores that fixed cars, sold used cars and sold high performance race car parts. They had drivers racing cars under the Fletcher Bros. name.  My parents then bought  Dragway Park in Cayuga.  I spent my highschool and College years working at the drags.  What a fun time it was and so good for my family.  My parents sold Dragway Park and bought another track and named it London Motorsports Park.  They worked hard and did so much to further the sport of drag racing in Canada.  This night will be one I remember fondly as my parents were recognized and honoured for their hard work.  It was a proud moment for me!

It was an incredible night made more exciting that my parents received their acceptance into the hall of fame with MARIO ANDRETTI!!!  It was an unbelievable time meeting him.  Spontaneously after the awards ceremony Mario had them auction off his “Checker Flag” socks for charity.  My dad, who has little will-power at auctions couldn’t resist and bought Mario’s socks right off his feet for $550.00.  It brought so much fun to the evening and now my parents have a very funny momento for the family room!  The news of Mario’s auctioned socks hit the Toronto and area newspapers a few times in the week following the ceremony.  I tweeted Mario about it and he actually retweeted me and replied!  We felt like famous people 🙂  Lots of fun!

Sherry Stahl