Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
Psalm 119:105

Listening to a Podcast with two of my blogger linkup friends the other day was completely inspiring!  Holly Barrett was interviewing Michele Morin on her Living a Redeemed Life Podcast.  Michele’s words hit my heart as they so often do.  She said:

“We second guess ourselves…Did I do that right?…We live so much of our life on the fly.  If I could study for everything that I had to do…If I could study beforehand, I’d be all set because I’d get on Google and look it up…So much of what we’re called on to do in life is just, on the fly1

Can you relate to Michele’s struggle?

I wish I woke up each morning with a brief from God alerting me to each of the issues my day will hold, but sadly He doesn’t do that.

psalm 119-105God does promise in Psalm 119:105 to keep enough light on our path so we can see the next step.  I really wish that verse said God was a ‘flood light’, or ‘high beams’ so we could see into the future; unfortunately, it doesn’t.

The way to “study beforehand” while living life on the fly is to fill up our minds with Scripture so when life’s tests squeeze the stuffing out of us, what comes out is in line with His will and His ways.  This will make the journey easier for us to see where He’s shining the light on our path.


Choose to start your day studying God’s Word so when you’re living life on the fly and an issue pops up; God can shine His light on a scripture that will guide you in the path you should go.


Father…Help me to fill up my well with wisdom from Your Word so I pass the tests I’ll take today.  Let your Word be the brightest lamp shining on my path so I find it easy to follow you wherever you will lead.  In Jesus Name…Amen

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 Drawing From The Well

  1. Psalm 119:105
  2. Psalm 25:4-5
  3. James 1:5
  4. Psalm 16:7-8

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