Todd and I had the privilege of traveling to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas in January.  There was manly stuff for Todd, and girly stuff for me!  What a perfect trip!  The first few days were spent at a Lighting show for Todd’s work with his cousin’s Matt & Michelle.  Two amazing people!  The trade show was so interesting!  Lighting is now Art!  We had the strangest shuttle bus.  It was a normal white hotel shuttle bus on the outside, but we knew it wasn’t normal as soon as we stepped in! Everyone began laughing as we took our seats.  The black and hot pink color scheme should have been a clue, but we didn’t even notice until I was looking at a picture a couple took for us that it was a “Playboy Bunny” themed bus!  The drivers decorate their buses to get better tips!  Who knew?!?
We had so much fun at the Fort Worth Rodeo.  It was both Todd and my first rodeo.  I don’t know how people have the courage to sign up to do that?  It’s the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I grew up at a Dragstrip!  I loved shopping at Sam Moon’s Department Store sized Accessory Warehouse!  I could move in!  It’s fashion for less in the most incredible way!  I so wish they had stores outside of Texas!  I appreciate that Todd gladly spent time at a coffee shop and didn’t complain about my time, or money spent here J  You just can’t get this stuff back home!
On the Sunday, we went to Victorious Life Church in Lewisville, Texas.  Pastor Mark Akers was preaching a sermon series on Going Through Storms In Life and had me share my testimony.   When I was done speaking, Christian Recording Artist and Worship Leader, Rachelle Fletcher sang the song she wrote after watching the video on my website of Todd and I giving our Testimony (Link to Interview). It was so inspiring and emotionally overwhelming for me at times!  This is only the second time Rachelle has sung it publicly.  The first was when she came with me last summer to speak in Detroit.  (Link to the Song on my Youtube Channel) God used the song so powerfully.  God orchestrated the whole morning!   My testimony and Pastor Mark’s message meshed together as if we had it planned!  I wish you all could have been there!  Hope you enjoy the pics!

Sherry Stahl