LABOR DAY DRIVE“blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him”
                                             Jeremiah 17:5 NIV
How crazy are roads on a long weekend? Bottlenecks, congestion, slowpokes, speeders… Monday is Labor Day so we went up to our trailer at camp for the long weekend. As Todd weaved in and out of traffic, we talked about how different life is for us compared to what the Israelites experienced travelling through the desert. Today we drive on beautifully paved highways with signs everywhere telling us where to go, what’s coming up ahead and which roads are better to take during traffic times. If that’s not enough we have GPS systems or news stations that can alert us to immediate traffic issues. Somehow we can live in this false illusion that we have it all planned out—under control to the last detail. We rely on ourselves, others, technology…anything or anyone but God to direct our lives.
The Israelites didn’t live like that. Numbers 9:17-18 confirms their obedience in following God’s direction. They had a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. None came with warnings of what was up ahead. No warning signal, beeping or flashing lights. The cloud or pillar of fire would begin to move and the people had to follow, not knowing what was coming next. Would the ground be soft or hard? Would they have to walk 1, 2 or 20 miles? Would there be a gas station along the way for pitstops? Joking aside, the Israelites walked in blind faith to their destination. Trusting God with their very next step.
Are you struggling with your future? Wondering where you will be in the next year? Some may be wondering where you will be in the next day or hour. Trust Him with your future. Place Him in the drivers seat and enjoy the ride!
Father… Forgive me for trying to figure it all out on my own or rely on others for answers. Help me to look to you and trust you with today and my future. May I trust your guidance and have the faith to follow you wherever you may lead. In Jesus Name…Amen!

Sherry Stahl