Kay Arthur influenced me as a woman, author & Bible Study teacher in profound ways.  This post will tell you of my crazy journey and how God allowed me to personally thank her for the impact she continues to make on my life.

How Kay Arthur Influenced me as a Bible Study Teacher

I started teaching Ladies’ Bible Studies at my home church when I had Brandon.  At the ripe old age of 24 I wasn’t sure if I was getting too old for youth ministries!!!
I belonged to a large church so about 100 women a week came out to the Ladies’ Bible Study meetings on Tuesday mornings. I was honored when they asked me to be on the teaching team after my first week there! These women were serious about getting into the Word!
We often used Kay Arthur’s Inductive Bible Studies.  My favorite was the one on the book of Isaiah.  I learned so much studying that book, Precept-upon-Precept as Kay always says!

How Kay Arthur Influenced me as a Woman

Years passed of fruitful ministry teaching Ladies’ Bible Studies and then I had to stop.  It was a hard place for me, but it had become too difficult within my former marriage situation to be involved at church in much of any capacity.  A few more years passed and I was divorced, believing I’d never teach another Bible Study.
During the divorce deliberations my counselor encouraged me to join a group called Divorce Care, to help me grieve the loss of my marriage. It was nothing short of life-changing.  I started attending the Baptist church nearby who ran the program and it was there I saw a video with Kay Arthur on it.  I had no clue that she had even been divorced.  Seeing her gave me the boost of faith that I needed to believe God could still use me–a divorcee!

How Kay Arthur Influenced me as an Author

Water In The DesertAfter I wrote my first book, WATER IN THE DESERT I was so excited and thankful for the influence others had on my life and ministry.  I wrote a short Thank-you to Kay on her Facebook page.  To my shock people from her organization wrote me back and asked if they could interview me for the Precepts website.
Through all of the discussions back-and-forth I have made a wonderful friend in one of Kay’s “Leading Ladies”!  Kathleen Hardaway works for Kay in her Social Media department and directed Kay Arthur’s television show How Can I Live?  Kathleen looks 22, but she’s been working at Precept Ministries for almost two decades now!  Kathleen is accomplished in her own right as a speaker and author.  Most notably for I Kissed a Lot of Frogs: But the Prince Hasn’t Come (Moody, 2002).  
Through my cousin’s wife Rachelle and Kathleen’s encouragement I ended up buying a ticket for a flight to Dallas and boarding the plane just two hours later!  Craziest thing I’ve ever done, and I have quite a few to choose from!  

It was one of those Divine appointments for me to be there.  Attending the Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) National Conference aligned me with people I never would have met any other way.  People I needed to meet!  I’m now helping to start the Canadian Network for Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) this January…now called Women In Media & Music ( WIMM Canada )…but that’s a whole other blog 🙂  
Meeting Kay ArthurBack to Kay Arthur’s Website!  I am completely honored that Precept Ministries has chosen to write about my life and include it on their website.  I hope you’ll take the time to read the short-story and how Kay Arthur‘s life and ministry impacted mine!  Link Below.
Since the first release of this post I have been blessed to meet Kay Arthur!  Where might you ask?  At the 2015 Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) National Conference of course.  Isn’t God funny! 
In His Grip,
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