Todd and I have both been impacted by the ministry of Joel & Victoria Osteen.  We’ve watched the services and read a bunch of their books.  Todd was fortunate to be able to meet them in 2010 at their church in Houston for a Champion’s Network Conference.  We were blessed to go with John Stewart, a friend and former pastor of ours, to the Night of Hope in Toronto.  We had such an amazing time and left encouraged that no matter what we face, God is with us and will lead us into Victory!    They preach the gospel in such powerful ways.  They help give you the shot of encouragement you need when you feel low to be able to keep trusting God’s promises in the face of hardships.  After the meeting we went out to Marche Mouvenpick in Toronto for the most incredible crepe dessert ever!!!  What a night!!!  I just “hope” it doesn’t go to my thighs…ha ha ha!

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Sherry Stahl