The title of this blog really isn’t appropriate.  It shouldn’t read I’ve Become a Nerd, because I’ve always been one, deep down.  It might seem strange to find out that this ? racetrack girl ?has nerdy tendencies, but it’s true.  When I was a teenager I had a subscription to Reader’s Digest for the Word Power articles! Other girls my age wanted Seventeen or Bridal Magazines. I wanted WORDS! I still do! Just ask my hubby ?.

A few months ago I started sharing my blog posts in Blogger “linkups”.  I’ve been making some really great ‘virtual friends’ (yet another geeky thing).  Anyhoo, I was intrigued when I linked up on Susan B. Mead’s site and read her post for Word Nerd Wednesday.  (Now here’s where my really nerdy tendencies come in!) I love ??? Word Studies. I actually can get lost in them!  I used to keep a Strong’s Concordance of the Bible close by, before the Internet. ? I’m Geeky, Nerdy that way.

I am a true Word Nerd.  I miss Bible College, learning Greek and writing papers.  I have actually kept writing papers since College for ‘fun’ so when I saw Susan’s post I professed of my nerdieness (anyone know how to spell that?) and asked how I could become a Word Nerd Writer.

MY MESSY DESKSusan introduced me to the Lead Nerd, Liz Giertz from the MY MESSY DESK blog.  Liz is a nerd like me, but only a cooler nerd.  I have the whole drag racing side of me to balance out the nerdy side but Liz was a combat veteran.  She’s a complete Rambo Chick.  Liz met her hubby overseas in the army!  She planned her wedding from a war zone in Balad, Iraq!  How cool is that!??!  She now is a work-at-home mom and a blogger on a mission.  She writes about crafts and faith.  I can so relate to her complete career change.  I can also relate to her messy desk.

This is my messy desk

On Monday’s her blog features people in ministry, what God has done in their lives and what they’re doing for His kingdom.  These posts are called MASTERPIECE MONDAYS.   Check that out on Monday, February 28th to read her post on someone you might know. 🙂  Her other claim to fame is her weekly WORD NERD WEDNESDAY postings.  In these posts, contributors are given a scripture and a word within that scripture to discuss.  Contributors have to start off explaining the origins of the word and how it’s used in the Bible, specifically in that verse.  Then the writer is supposed to explain the verse.  Or at least that’s what I think a contributor is supposed to do!

This week was my first as a contributor for WORD NERD WEDNESDAY and boy was it exhilarating!  I haven’t written anything like it in a long time.  You know you’re a word nerd when you’re super excited to be a part of a group called WORD NERD WEDNESDAY ??????

Here’s how it begins…Predestined

It’s our first word of 2017! And it’s doozy! Really. I picked it because it was a word I wanted to know more about and God picked a writer who really dug deep to share with you today! I’m excited to introduce you to my new friend Sherry Stahl!  Please give her a warm Messy Desk welcome!
-Liz Giertz

For my first WORD NERD WEDNESDAY I’ve been asked to write about one of the most debated words in organized Christianity! I think this may be an initiation process. Let’s hope I’m up for the challenge. 🙂

[imic_button colour=”btn-default” type=”enabled” link=”” target=”_blank” extraclass=”” size=”btn-lg”]CLICK HERE TO READ MY WORD NERD WEDNESDAY – PREDESTINED POST – ROMANS 8:29[/imic_button]

[tweetthis remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]I see the word predestination & understand this to mean that God planned in advance for His people[/tweetthis]


So, If you too have that little bit of a geeky side that loves words, come join us on Liz’ site every Wednesday and check out the word of the week! ?


To learn more about Liz Giertz you can check out her short bio:

Sherry Stahl