“So he got up and went to his father.  But while he was still a long way from home his father saw him, and his heart went out to him; he ran and hugged his son and kissed him.”                                                      Luke 15:20  NET Bible

Have you given someone a hug today?
Now I’m not talking about a side-arm-squeeze, I’m talking about a full-on embrace?


While taking care of my gram, we watched one of my favorite movies; THE BLIND SIDE.  It’s no wonder Sandra Bullock won the Academy award for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy; a soft-hearted, no-nonsense, tough-cookie who opened her home to a Michael Oher, an underprivileged teenage boy that showed potential for football.  Leigh Anne was a caring mom with the claws of a momma bear.

Her love for Michael gave him opportunities to succeed in school, sports and family life. Her belief in Michael gave him the confidence to achieve greatness; resulting in a College football scholarship and successful career in the NFL (even playing on a winning team for the Super Bowl in 2013).
blind side hugThere was just one area Leigh Anne (or her character) was weak in, expressing emotions.  The last scene highlights her toughness when the family is dropping Michael off to College and she cuts their good-bye short because she can’t stand for anyone to see her get emotional.  My heart melts when Michael follows after her, knocks on the car door and says, “I need a proper hug”!


The father of the prodigal son was the exact opposite of Leigh Anne Tuohy.  You can tell he was a man who wore his heart on his sleeves.  He loved his son enough to let him go when he rebelled.  This father let his son take the early inheritance he demanded, even though he knew his son would waste the wealth.

Many parties later, the prodigal son returns home, not sure if he’d blown it too much this time.  I love how this verse reveals such a loving father.  It says that when his father saw him, “his heart went out to him; he ran and hugged his son and kissed him”.  Don’t we all want dads with hugs like that?

I’m convinced we don’t hug enough today.  We’re either too cool, too hurt, too protective, too scared, too germ conscious, too busy…too cold.  Don’t force people to knock on your door and beg saying, “I need a proper hug”?  Open your arms wide this Valentines and embrace others with love!


Father…I thank you that You are a good, good Father like in the story of the prodigal son.  Your arms are always open wide to let me in.  Let me soak in Your embrace and not push You away.  Help me to move beyond what holds my heart bound and let others in.  May I love like you this Valentine’s and all the days that follow.  In Jesus Name…Amen

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 Post in the Comment Section below and bolster the faith of someone else!
  1. Hancock, John Lee. THE BLIND SIDE, © 2009. Produced by Alcon Entertainment, Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.  Based on the book THE BLIND SIDE: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis.  

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