I have treasured the words from his mouth more than my daily food.

~Job 23:12 CSB

I love food
I Love Food!

My love for food is embarrassing for my family sometimes. If I like something I’m eating, depending on how much I like it, I sometimes without realizing, make a moaning “Mmmmmmmmm!” sound.

I do see their point, but I just can’t stop it! I love food! Family mocks how expressive I am when a meal or dessert, heck even a salad is delish. They don’t get how I say “This is the best ever!” many times, it’s because I keep trying new things and the tastes keep getting better and better.   

A Greater Treasure

When I read this verse in my devotions with Todd, the verse kind of popped off the page, like a question from God. Having just come back from a long walk where I stopped at Starbucks to grab an iced coffee and their blueberry scone. I love me some Starbucks bakery goods and this morning’s pastry was perfect… I treasured that scone with every bite.

In that moment, I felt God asking me, “Do you love me like that?” It wasn’t a demanding, accusing voice in my spirit, but a longing from my Father to be the ultimate treasure of my heart. To hear the words from His mouth, those rhema words are what I treasure and need most. His Word recorded in Scripture is so valuable, but nothing can fill me more than a little whisper from God’s heart to mine.

Do You Love Me Like That?

I feel the call today to write about my experience and encourage you to make sure that God knows how you feel about Him. Let your love for Him flow freely off your lips today… even more than your love for food!


Father… I thank You for loving me so much that you desire a relationship with me. I’m overwhelmed with love and acceptance when I understand in new ways your love for me. Forgive me for not expressing my love for you enough that you had to question and ask. My love for you is the most treasured love and Your private messages are what puts a smile on my face.  Thank you for wanting me to love You!  In Jesus Name…Amen

Drawing from the well
  1. Job 23:12
  2. Job 15:11
  3. Jeremiah 15:16

#musicpic SONG: Your Word by Hillsong Worship
Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/G9NEYy71lcU

#musicpic SONG: Your Word by Hillsong Worship
Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/G9NEYy71lcU

Soul H2O

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