On Monday I wrote a devotional called Hungry.  I shared about how I was woken up by my grumbling tummy and one of the things that God spoke to me as I was up.  I think I could write about 12 devotionals from all He spoke to me that night!  The message about our duty as Christians to help feed the Hungry has been a call that is very near and dear to my family.  My grandmother instilled in us an eye to look for those in need and DO SOMETHING about it!  Christmas makes me think of her and how she gave.

Christmas compels us to give.

Christmas is the time when we remember how God the Father gave His son to the world…when Jesus gave up His heavenly home for a lowly stable.  

Christmas inspires us to give beyond ourselves.

For months now I have been partnering with Cheryl Weber,  Dave Shelley and the crew at Crossroads Relief & Development​ on a project in Turkana, Kenya.  If you’ve come to an event where I’ve spoken at you’ve heard this before and thankfully some of you have been compelled to join with us in helping the people of Turkana be able to feed themselves!  I wish I had millions of dollars and could give Crossroads the money needed to finish this project and stop people from dying of starvation in Turkana!  Since I’m not independently wealthy, I will give what I can and use what I can to help get the word out.  If we all DO SOMETHING the project will reach completion and thousands of families will be saved!

I can’t express enough how much this project touches my heart!  God is growing gardens in the desert!!!  I hope you can watch this short video clip that explains the project and lets you see for yourself how they are growing gardens in the desert of Turkana, Kenya!
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Click below to read the Crossroads page on my website

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In case you want to read up more on the Turkana, Kenya project, click on this button that will take you to:
[imic_button colour=”btn-default” type=”enabled” link=”https://www.100huntley.com/watch?ytID=1MwfD8AbjNE” target=”_blank” extraclass=”” size=””]Huntley Street Site-Turkana Info Page[/imic_button]

As I’ve been thinking about writing this post for the past week, Matthew West‘s song keeps going through my head.  I hope it inspires you to DO SOMETHING great and feed a Hungry soul!


Sherry Stahl