Wishing you all a Happy #LabourDay ?? Weekend…or #LaborDay for all you Americans ?? ?

Todd and I were blessed to spend the weekend at Braeside Camp after his Art Show Reception on Friday night. Seeing his art in the gallery makes me so very proud! People have such amazing emotional responses to his art.

We arrived at the trailer late Friday night to the most rancid smell I’ve ever experienced, and I grew up on farms! Somehow the plug to our trailer was not completely connected and the power was out. No one had been to the trailer for about two weeks and there had been meat in the fridge. Oh my grossness it was horrible!

Thankfully, we were at my happy place! Braeside Camp!

Pastor Doug Schneider from The Embassy Church in Oshawa was the speaker. The whole weekend’s messages were about longing for God’s presence. There was a tangible sense of His presence. People were healed, set free and strengthened. It’s been an incredible weekend!!!

I also got to show my friends my author copy of Soul H2O. I was especially thankful that I got to see my mentor Peggy Kennedy and show her the book. Peggy provided the Foreward for the book and I dedicated the book to her.

This weekend was perfect, minus the stinky fridge! A great way to end the summer and start the Fall season. Filled up ready to hit the road preaching again ?

Check back tomorrow for the weekly #SoulH2O devotion.

Be Blessed & Refreshed,

Sherry Stahl