This week I was struggling to come up with an idea of what to write for my Monday devotional.  I usually have a bunch of ideas and this week I had nothing that was going WOW in my head.  Everything seemed lackluster.  Todd knew I was having “writer’s block”.  One night he was busy working on a project in the garage when all of a sudden he came in and gave me the topic idea of “God Doesn’t Make Junk“.
In the middle of writing the devotional for this week I came across an incredible video.  It absolutely went along with my devotional.  It’s a great video clip from this guy Matthew Carter’s Youtube Channel.  He has some really great video clips on his channel of peopl’e testimonies.  Kind of like the I AM SECOND videos.  I love hearing peoples life stories and especially thier “God Stories”.  I find them truly inspiring!
The video I stumbled upon is such a wonderful true-life story of a girl named Kayla Curfman.  She called it “God Doesn’t Make Junk“!  She opens up her life to anyone who will watch and shares with you how God stepped in and changed her world.  Matthew Carter did a great job producing the story to make an impact.


You might think I’m a little crazy, but one thing I’m REALLY looking forward to in heaven is meeting people and hearing their stories!  I won’t have deadlines, housework, meetings, kids or a job to keep me running.  I’ll have all the time in eternity just get to know people.  I really can’t think of anything better.  I’m thankful for the technology we have today that allows us to hear the testimonies of people all over the world–or in our local church.  Our music and media pastor Drew Mercer works with his amazing wife Amy to bring us video testimonies from people in our church almost every week.  It’s my favourite part of church.   I don’t know what it is about human nature that always things that everyone else has it all together, but these testimonies help us to see the struggles that people have faced and how God helped them overcome.  They are SO inspiring!

Kayla’s Youtube Video

Take less than 5 minutes out of your day and watch Kayla’s Youtube Video “God Doesn’t Make Junk” Her story will help you to believe that when it comes to YOUGod Doesn’t Make Junk!
In His Grip,

Sherry Stahl